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Alameda Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics specializes in making your child comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists are experts in infant oral care, kids/teens/young adults, orthodontics, sedation and general anesthesia, special needs dentistry, and dental emergencies, with convenient locations in Alameda, Oakland, Pleasanton, & Brentwood.

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My kids go to the Oakland office of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. I’m pretty sure they’re all vaccinated. When my 16 yr old asked if it was ok to take off her mask, the hygienist said, yes. We’re all vaccinated. They’ve been twice during the pandemic and it’s been fine. Th office takes all the precautions. 

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We actually left Alameda Pediatric Dentistry a few years back because we wanted more of a traditional dental office vs large organization.  For example: we kept getting a different dentist every visit and they took photos of my children without asking me (later I found out it is to prevent people from bringing in another child who wasn't covered under insurance. Which makes sense because they don't know their customers like staff and a dentist in a smaller office.).  They also kept wanting to do teeth x-rays for my kids who were under 5 for no particular reason. Otherwise they were fine and the office and staff in Alameda was nice.  I probably would have stayed but when they moved their Alameda office, they forgot to tell me so I showed up at their closed up office, oops.  At that point I looked around and...

I took the kids to Amy K Lee, who has an office in Alameda near Park Street.  She also has an office in Albany, which I've not been.  She and her staff are great with the kids and they see her each and every time.  A good friend also has recommended Denise Bass Allen in Oakland.  Her daughter has gone to her for several years.

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Check out Alameda Pediatric Dentistry - Oakland branch. We were just there last week for my 2 year old's first visit, and couldn't be happier with them. Their offices are brand spanking new and the staff were super friendly and made my son feel so good about being there. They'll play movies on the ceiling so your kid will happily lay back and watch while their teeth and being examined and cleaned. They have dedicated parking spots for their customers behind the building! I'm beyond glad I went with them since they really exceeded my expectations in every way. Even now my son is asking to go back (he's not due for another visit for 6 months so he'll have to wait!). 

- Jess

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We just switched to Alameda Pediatric Dentistry on Grand Ave in Oakland. Previously we went to POW in Albany, which was fun and cute but I wasn’t 100% sold on the quality of care. (I’m the daughter of a dentist and used to work as a dental receptionist.) POW told me my daughter had a lip and tongue tie (our pediatrician and my dentist mother disagree) and never mentioned that she was missing her lower lateral incisors. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry was more thorough and accurate in their assessment of my daughter’s teeth. 

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Alameda Pediatric Dentistry.  They are wonderful.  And in Alameda!

Yes- my 3 year old goes there (he's been 2 or 3 times). We've had a very good experience so far.  We see Dr. Whippy, who we really like.  

Our son has gone to the Oakland office of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry for the past few years, and we LOVE it. Dr. Whippy is amazing. I honestly can't imagine a better dentist for young children. She's super smart, kind, patient, and wonderful at connecting with children. I highly recommend them!

I take my toddler to the Oakland office and I have no complaints. The doctors, assistants and staff are great with kids.  I was scared to take my daughter the first time (she was 2) because she is on the spectrum but she did just fine. We now go every 6 months and my daughter enjoys playing with the toys and sitting in the dental chair. We see Dr. Wahl, he's very friendly and patient with children. I would recommend Alameda Pediatric Dentistry.

We love Alameda Pediatric Dentistry- they are GREAT with kids! They have an office in Oakland.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

    Dentists reviewed: David Perry, MyLinh Ngo

    March 2012

    Re: Pediatric dentist recommendation?
    Dr. Ngo at Alameda Pediatric Dentisty (also in Pleasanton) is absolutely wonderful. Warm, highly skilled, and flexible about parent concerns and preferences. She is the best! Miriam

    Feb 2012

    Re: 3 year old with many cavities, may need sedation

    Just took my 3 year old to Alameda Pediatric Dentistry and had a fantastic experience. Would highly recommend them. Good luck- Anon

    August 2011

    Re: Recommendations for Dentists
    Alameda Pediatric Dentistry in Alameda is tops. They have been in business for over 30 years. Dr. Perry was just named BEST pediatric dentist by Parents'Press. All the dentists have special training in caring for kids, including those with special needs and are excellent at communicating with children. The entire office is family oriented and understanding, plus kids love playing with the games and activities while waiting to be seen. You can find out more about the practice at: Miriam

    March 2011

    Re: Family dentist for children
    We love our pediatric dentist. She is in Alameda at Pediatric Family Dentistry. Her name is Dr. Gno, and she has the top credentials, is kind, warm, interested in your child, highly skilled, and flexible.

    May 2010

    I really like Dr. Ngo in Alameda at Alameda Pediatrics. She is kind, very knowledgable, and takes the time to do the best job possible. The office can be kind of busy, but I think she is a very good choice.

    May 2007

    Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
    Try Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. We took my now 2 1/2 year old there when she chipped her front tooth. She saw Dr. Perry, who actually used to be MY pediatric dentist 25+ yrs ago when he was just starting out. He's kind, gentle, extremely knowledgable, and UCSF-trained. I'd recommend him to anyone. (510) 521-5016

    Nov 2006

    When we had to take my son to a dentist for the first time because of a bad fall that affected his mouth, I called Dr. Fong and he recommened Dr. Perry in Alameda (there's a lot of recommendations for Dr. Perry in the BPN archives). Your two year old is NOT going to lie willingly in the dentist chair, and at Dr. Perry's office they have a way for you to gently hold your child in your lap so they can look in his/her mouth to make it less traumatic. Plus the dentist and assistants have routines to help calm the children. You go early and get to play with your child in the open dentist office where your child can watch other kids getting their teeth checked out, play with toys, etc. so they are more at ease when it's their turn. For the younger kids that will probably cry, there are private rooms. My son still likes to be held versus laying on the table, but when we just took him a couple of months ago he didn't cry, and he actually enjoys going to the dentist because of the toys and finds it calming to play with other kids while he's there. anon

    Oct 2006

    Re: Dentist good with toddlers who accepts CIGNA
    We have CIGNA dental and use Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. They are excellent with toddlers. My 2 1/2 year old just had 2 fillings, and didn't cry at all during the procedure. They have videos, toys, books etc. Everyone there has been great, and others I know who use them have had the same experience. Good luck! draemel

    June 2006

    Re: Pediatric dentist for first timer?
    Go to Alameda Pediatric Dentristy in (obviously) Alameda! They are absolutely awesome! Son with Happy Teeth!

    March 2006

    There are various posting regarding pediatric dentists. I think David Perry in Alameda is fantastic. I live in El Cerrito and he's worth the drive! His office is so kid friendly. It's one big open room with various dental stations. There are all sorts of games and toys for the kids to play with and you are asked to come early so your kid can hang out, play and get relaxed. It's like going to the park.

    We went when my son was 1 yo and had a bad fall that affected his gums. In that case since we were going to have to restrain him and he was going to cry no matter what, they put us in a nice private room. We went back when he was 2 there was no problem; he was good through the exam so he could get back out to the main room and play. anon

    March 2005

    Can anyone recommend a fantastic pediatric dentist in Alameda or near? I have read the reviews on the site and was just wondering if there are any more recent ones. Thank you. anon

    There is a fantastic practice devoted to pediatric dentistry right near South Shore Center (between the Safeway and Office Max). The main dentist's name is David Perry, and he and his staff are friendly and great with kids. Their whole suite is set up for children, with play environments for the kids to enjoy while they're waiting for their turn. The phone # is 521- 5016. Victoria

    We take our son to David Perry at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. He's great and so is his staff. His number is (510) 521-5016. kjm

    My son looks forward to going to Dr. Perry located near southshore center for two years now. He's five and the video games are a big attaction. I think their office is well run and Dr. Perry and his associates are nice. anon

    July 2004

    Re: Worried first dentist visit will be traumatic

    I highly recommend Dr. David Perry - or any of his associates - at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. It's a bit of a hike for us, we live in Oakland, but worth the trip. They would NEVER strap a child down to clean teeth. In fact, they do everything they can to make the dentist a fun and enjoyable place to be. Be prepared to stay awhile, because they let the kids play and wander in their spacious offices and kind of let the cleaning and exam happen organically as the child seems comfortable. They will LOVE going to the dentist, as my now 4 Y.O. truly does! Happy Mom

    There is absolutely no reason that your children's first visit to the dentist needs to be traumatic. Our pediatrician suggested a visit to the dentist and on the recommendation from a friend, we recently took our 3 year old to her first visit.

    We talked about the dentist alot before then and even read some books to her. The visit couldn't have gone better. The office was totally geared for children of all ages. The setting was very open and I got to be with her the whole time. I was so pleased with every aspect of the visit. Give the office a call. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry 2125 Whitehall Place Alameda, CA 510-521-5016 Linnea

    I had your same fears about taking my son to the dentist. Mostly because I have a huge fear of dentists given some bad experiences as a child and terrible teeth which have required a lot of dental work. That said, I have found a wonderful dentist for my son. My son actually looks forward to going to the dentist (even after having 5 cavities filled - unfortunately, he inherited my bad teeth)! His name is Dr. Perry and he is in Alameda. I don't have the phone number handy, but feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble finding it or if you want some additional information. Best of Luck! Nancy

    My daughter had her first visit to a pediatric dentist at the age of 2 1/2. She wasn't wild about teeth-brushing either, but I had some concerns about the spacing of her baby teeth and wanted to take her in. We went to Dr. Perry in Alameda - even though we live in Berkeley it was worth driving over because his office is fantastic. There is no strapping down & forcing there. The office has lots of dentist chairs in a common area where kids can watch a movie on TV or play video games (older kids) or read books, and all work in progress is visible to all. For my daughter's first visit, we were in a private room, but the door was open. Dr. Perry is very kind and has a great manner with kids. He never forced my daughter to do anything. Nevertheless, he did have to look at her teeth and she wouldn't open her mouth, so he had me hold her in my lap, facing me, and then tilt her backward, and he very quickly counted her teeth. She did cry a little, but not a big howling fit (and she is certainly capable of those.) The interesting thing is that her memory of the visit to the dentist has become one of her favorite things to talk about - she will walk up to complete strangers and say ''I went to the dentist and he counted my teeth. 1, 2, 3...'' We've been back one time since and actually managed a flouride treatment! I really think if you choose a good kid-centric place like this, your daughters will be fine. and now she wants to be a dentist when she grows up

    July 2002

    I just came back from a dentist that I was referred to by Dr. Wampler. His name is Dr. Perry in Alameda. I was hoping someone had some additional recommendations for Dr. Perry and specifically in doing work with general anastesia with young children. Did you have any good/bad interaction with him or his practices with the young children? Did he seem knowledgable in the area? Kristi

    You are fortunate to have been given a recommendation for your child to visit with Dr. Perry. My son has been seeing Dr. Perry for about 6 years now, he was the first dentist he ever visited with. I can only say good things about him and his practice. He is thoughtful, skilled and unbelievably great with children and their parents. Since we have experienced his care and expertise it is impossible for us to consider going elsewhere. I am so pleased we found him! We know many children who have grown up with Dr. Perry as their dentist and they are all smiles. He is an exceptional dentist. He has always been honest and straightforward with us. I have always been pleased with the work he has done. I also appreciate the open floor plan of his practice it helps to put everyone at ease. He is a very, very good pediatric dentist. Thanks to him my son has happy memories of his visits to the dentist, he even wrote a little book about it. L. Ross

    I took my 4-year-old son to Dr. Perry just two weeks ago, and thought the whole experience was terrific. He had only been to the dentist once before, and was a little hesitant, but Dr. Perry made him feel very comfortable. Throughout his exam, x-rays and cleaning, he was treated very gently. As we left the office, he asked when he could come back. I will definitely see Dr. Perry for my future pediatric dentistry needs. Katie