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    Hi there,

    We're new to the area and I just took my 5 year old for a check up at POW dental in Albany.  I expected to hear that she has a cavity (this is what our prior dentist told us to keep an eye on at her last appointment a year ago), although we were told that she has now has 4 that need immediate treatment.  This may be entirely true-- I'm definitely not qualified to determine this myself, and she's my first kid so I'm learning as I go-- but I wondered if any BPN parents have had similar experiences with POW suggesting surprisingly intensive interventions, or if BNP parents have had fantastic experiences there.  I'd love to know about either.  I thought I found POW through BPN suggestions originally but just now in scanning through the dental postings here, I can't actually find them listed in the suggestions.

    I'm just trying to make sure I don't sign her up for anything unnecessary since I know the treatments would be stressful for her.  That said, I absolutely want to do them if they are needed.  Thank you for any advice!


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    I don't know what to tell you about POW but I am surprised to hear your prior dentist told you to "keep an eye on" a cavity.  They don't go away (and as you say, they aren't really visible to the untrained eye) so I'm sure what that was about.  As I understand it, cavities, when they appear, need to be filled. 

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    Obviously can't give advice on your daughter's specific teeth, but I take my two kids to POW now after a few very unsatisfactory years with Dr Nick (formerly Dr Ed) in El Cerrito, where I felt among other things they were very interventionist on a potential problem (not a cavity) on a 3 year old. We've been happy at POW with both the dentists there, although I always feel kind of "ugh" since - as you allude to - if you're not a dentist yourself it's hard to know what's really going on! I guess in short answer to your question, we ended up transferring to POW after going there for a second opinion from Dr Nick (also went once to Aloha for a second opinion, wow were they expensive) and my perception is they are better in terms of not being so aggressive about treatment - again, cavities are one thing and this particular example for my kid was different (trauma to tooth after a fall). We have since had a couple cavities filled there on one kid, the other one has skated so far. Anyway, hope it helps.

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    I've had a lot of dentists in the past propose more than I wanted to do. I now go to Dr. Mizono in Albany, who is great. When I told him my past experiences he said that it's really pretty subjective, and that he takes a conservative approach. 

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Rec'd Firoozeh Lavassani in El Cerrito as a warm, professional family dentist who examined and diagnosed my 7 year son and then referred to Dr. So, Pediatric Oral Wellness (POW) in Albany where he received treatment for more advanced care.  Both accept Deltacare USA under Kaiser pediatric plan.  

Many parents happily recommended Aloha Kids to us as new Berkeley residents. They seem like a long standing pediatric dental practice in Berkeley with high name recognition.  We saw Dr. Nakazato who recommended 4 separate treatment visits with nitrous oxide each time.  Our cost for the routine visit was already staggering. Then the estimated treatment plan was outrageously expensive compared to POW at 50% more. Friendly and professional staff who put my son right at ease but too slick and profit-oriented for us.   

If you need pediatric over general, family dentist, rec POW over Aloha Kids.  

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We just switched to Alameda Pediatric Dentistry on Grand Ave in Oakland. Previously we went to POW in Albany, which was fun and cute but I wasn’t 100% sold on the quality of care. (I’m the daughter of a dentist and used to work as a dental receptionist.) POW told me my daughter had a lip and tongue tie (our pediatrician and my dentist mother disagree) and never mentioned that she was missing her lower lateral incisors. Alameda Pediatric Dentistry was more thorough and accurate in their assessment of my daughter’s teeth. 

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We have been happy with POW in Albany. Have tried both Aloha and Dr. Nick and prefer POW for a variety of reasons having to do with how they handle treatment - feel like POW is more considerate of children and their temperaments.

I took my son to Pediatric Oral Wellness in Albany for the first time earlier this year.  He is 4-1/2, and while he didn't have any cavities, they were able to get him to cooperate with all the procedures without any issues.  Their entire practice is to treat children.  If there's an alternative or "second opinion", I would definitely call/see them.