Seeking new Pediatric Dentist

Hello - we're sad to have learned that our dentist that we love (Aloha Pediatric) is no longer taking our insurance (Delta). Do you have any recommendations for a pediatric dentist, preferably taking Delta? Thank you

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^^ would like to know as well! (currently DS goes to mine but not a good fit)

We also use Aloha and have decided to stay with them even though they will be out of network. From what my dentist said, Delta has changed the way they compensate dentists and that many of his colleagues (at least in the Berkeley area) have decided to leave Delta. Dental insurance basically sucks all around -- it's probably our biggest health care expense in a normal year. (Maybe we just have bad teeth?) Anyhow, sorry I don't have any leads for you, just wanted to warn you that finding dentists that are Delta members may be difficult. Good luck!

We've been very happy with Dr. Patrick So at POW Dental in Albany. I don't have Delta and can't comment on that, but insurance has not been a problem with this office.

We left Aloha for the same reason. We just had a good experience at Little Gold Fish in downtown Oakland.