Child Dentists that Accept DeltaCare USA

We have DeltaCare USA dental coverage for our children through Kaiser.  The dental offices that I used to take my daughter that accepted this insurance no longer do.  My daughter is 6 and has some cavities, so it's pretty important to me to find a good dentist and a dental office that is child friendly.  I also have an 18 mos old that I would like to take for a dental visit.  I have searched through reviews for some of the dental offices on the DeltaCare provider website. I got pretty discouraged when most dentist reviews were negative and the dental offices did not seem to be child friendly, although I've set the filter for dentists who specialize in children.  I know there have to be some good dentists out there that accept DeltaCare USA.  I would really appreciate recommendations for pediatric dentists in the Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito area.

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I was in a similar situation and found this office that takes kids and adults, which I wanted so we can have just one place. It’s small but they are really great with kids and my daughter loves going.

I would highly recommend POW Dental in Albany. Our teenage son has a huge fear of needles. He needed to have some cavities filled at his regular dentist and had a panic attack and they could not even work on him. We eventually received a referral to POW Dental and they were amazing. We had a consultation first, and the procedure was done on a different day. The office staff were so kind and helpful and the consultation was very reassuring. When he had the procedure done, they had him in a quiet, private room with limited noise and distractions; the dentist was so understanding and gentle and somehow managed to do the fillings without even giving him shots (the cavities were not very deep). I never thought that could happen in a million years. It was a real lifesaver for us. I am sorry I don't have the dentist's name but I think he is the main dentist there. 

Once we went there I regretted that we had not taken my son there from a very young age. We also have Delta Care USA (through UC Berkeley). I'd really recommend contacting them to see if it would be a good fit for your family. Best of luck!

Have you checked out Aloha Pediatric Dentistry in Berkeley? I’m not sure whether they take DeltaCare, but we love this place and Dr. Katsura! He was my husband’s dentist when he was younger and now he’s our kids’ dentist.


We had the same challenge and ended up going to Dr. Sabbadini at Pinole Pediatric Dentists. It was farther than I wanted to go to (but not that bad!) and I loved the office and the staff. Very kid centric and gentle. Much better than our old dentist in Albany. Highly recommend. 


While they are not a pediatric office with toys and all that, in searching for a place that took Delta Dental, we switched from our pediatric dentistry to Newbury Dental in Oakmore off Park. The primary dentists are both moms with young children. They are absolutely amazing. My kids had a great experience. Maybe worth bringing an audiobook for them to listen to during the procedure since they don’t have cartoons on TV or anything like that.