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We had the same challenge and ended up going to Dr. Sabbadini at Pinole Pediatric Dentists. It was farther than I wanted to go to (but not that bad!) and I loved the office and the staff. Very kid centric and gentle. Much better than our old dentist in Albany. Highly recommend. 

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    May 2010

    Dr.Gary Sabaddini in Pinole is an excellent pediatric dentist who is well known in the community- anon

    May 2010

    Our kids have been seeing Dr. Gary Sabbadini in Pinole since they were very little. I had bad teeth as a child so I was worried they would inherit some of the same problems. Dr. Gary is very patient with the kids, does a very thorough exam and is able to explain everything clearly and concisely. He is a pediatric dentist so his waiting room is filled with books, toys and a video game machine. There are also television sets built into the ceilings and kids can choose a movie to watch while they get their teeth cleaned if that's okay with mom or dad. We absolutely love him and would highly recommend him to anybody. His contact info is: 1500 Tara Hills Drive Pinole, CA 94564 (510) 724-4400 Kelly

    June 2006

    Re: Pediatric dentist for first timer?
    We have been taking our nearly 3 year old son to an excellent pediatric dentist now for two years, and love him. His name is Gary Sabbadini, and he is located at 1500 Tara Hills Dr, Suite 100, Pinole CA. 510-724-4400. Our son is also sensitive, and he does not mind getting his teeth cleaned, x-rays, and overall check up goes so well. It is amazing how well the dental assistants and ''Dr. Gary'' as they call him, handle young children! There is a video screen on the ceiling to get the child to cooperate laying down on chair, the kids get stickers, new toothbrush, and other incentives. It makes for a really enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Dr. Sabbadini. Good luck! anon

    May 2006

    Re: Pediatric dentist with TV
    we have a great pediatric dentist with tvs overhead, and choices of shows/ movies (although my kids actually prefer to watch what the dentist is doing and haven't used them) He's in Pinole if that's not too far, they are really nice and my kids look foward to going- Dr. Gary Sabbadini. He called our house after my daughter had a tooth pulled to see how she was doing, very sweet. Chris

    June 2004

    Do you have a great dentist near Pinole? My current dentist is in Walnut Creek and I'd love to find a great, local dentist. Thanks in advance.

    Dr. Gary Sabitini in Pinole off Appian Way is your man. He and his staff are GREAT. It's only for kids, videos to watch while teeth cleaning, just the right sizes of sinks to practice tooth brushing, etc. They are absolutely fabulous. don't bother with anywhere else! Happy Mom