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Highly recommend Dr. Vagan Tapatsyan (Berkeley Hills Dentistry on Solano Av in Berkeley). My husband, I and four of our friends go there. We’ve done different treatments and everyone is very satisfied and happy with the work done.

Berkeley Hills Dentistry

Dr. Vagan Tapaltsyan, DDS, PhD
1760 Solano Ave #309, Berkeley, CA 94707

It is one of best dental offices that I've been to. The dentist and receptionists are kind and willing to help patient understand what's going on. I would recommend to go to this office.

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August 2009

Re: Dentist for someone is is very anxious
I recommend Dr. Taheri at Berkeley Hills Dental Care (on Telegraph just below Ashby). He is gentle, matter-of-fact and will not lecture you, but will take good care of your teeth. My partner was recently in a similar situation to yours, not having gone to the dentist for 20 years (!), and was not looking forward to the dentist lecture. He had a good experience with Dr. Taheri and felt he got good care without the judgment. I also HATE going to the dentist and usually find most procedures very painful and unpleasant, but Dr. Taheri is quite gentle and patient and I dread the dentist visits much less now that I see him. - anon

March 2009

Hi all, I'm desperate for a decent dentist that takes DeltaCare USA. These are the providers they list in the area. If you have any experience (neg. or pos.) with any of these providers, I would be extremely grateful!! (Unfortunately, DeltaCare USA is an 'individual' insurance plan and NOT the same as regular Delta insurance. So sending me your favorite dentist who takes Delta but isn't on this list will sadly not help. Sigh.) Thank you so much!!

I am a patient of Dr. Taheri at Berkeley Hills Dental Group and I am very happy with the office and his care as a dentist. The receptionist was super sweet and attentive to me and my two little sons when I took my kids for their ''very first time at a dentist''. The staff was great, VERY friendly, patient and the office manager's ''chatty personality'' made it easy to feel comfortable in an environment you usually don't like to be in. Everybody in the office was very caring. Of course they are not pediatric dentists who are especially educated in how to communicate with small children ... but they did a fantastic job! Dr. Taheri did my own fillings and he was very professional, very caring and made sure I had everything I needed. Never ever did it happen before that I was so relaxed during a dentist visit that I almost fell asleep on the dentist chair (who has heard such a thing???). LOVED it! not afraid of the dentist

Berkeley Hills Dental Group is currently our family dentist office. (BTW, Sorry, but I don't remember the names of the dentists. I think there are only 2.) My husband really likes the dentist he sees, he says he's very gentle. I see a woman dentist, who is fine; she's a little bit hard to understand sometimes, but she does a good job and checks with me frequently to be sure I'm OK as she's working. One thing about this office: one of the front desk women can be extraordinarily difficult, especially when you first visit. I had to argue with her about whether we were actually assigned to their office, and she gave me a real attitude. It seems like she warms up once you're actually a patient, though. And she wasn't there during my last appointment, so maybe she's moved on ... anyway, the rest of the staff is very nice. Hope this helps! anon