Need excellent dentist in Kensington/Albany/El Cerrito/Berkeley

Moms and Dads:  I've browsed through the past listings in the archives, but many of the reviews are 10 years old or more! I would appreciate a recommendation for a dentist in the area Berkeley - El Cerrito. I have multiple cavities and crowns and have more to do, so I'm looking for an excellent dentist who doesn't oversell but is good at evaluating what is needed and good at making it work. If you would add a sentence or two of the type of work you have had done by your recommended dentist, it would be much appreciated. Please answer through BPN. Thank you!

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Berkeley Hills Dentistry

Dr. Vagan Tapaltsyan, DDS, PhD
1760 Solano Ave #309, Berkeley, CA 94707

It is one of best dental offices that I've been to. The dentist and receptionists are kind and willing to help patient understand what's going on. I would recommend to go to this office.

Highly recommend Dr. Vagan Tapatsyan (Berkeley Hills Dentistry on Solano Av in Berkeley). My husband, I and four of our friends go there. We’ve done different treatments and everyone is very satisfied and happy with the work done.

August 19, 2020.  We see Dr. Erwin Yeh at Walnut Square in Berkeley.   We've been at his practice for a good five years, myself, my husband (both middle-aged and getting to that point of needing more work) and our young adult son.   We've had cavities filled and crowns as well.    We came to Dr. Yeh after going to what we thought was a good practice, with more conservative dentists.    But with Dr. Yeh, we realized that our previous dental practice was very corporate.   Dr. Yeh's practice is like a family-owned practice.   We also found that our previous dentist had pushed more interventions than we really needed.   Dr. Yeh is a serious, lovely person with a great deal of integrity and all those who work in his office are just wonderful.  Check it out. 

Wolfgang Boeck, DDS is excellent. I highly recommend him.  I had a lot of work done by him: many crowns (one of them a very complicated case of a tooth that was declared hopeless by another dentist), two implant crowns. 
He is German and has both German and US dental degrees. 
He is quite expensive, that’s the only downside. :)

Recommend Ken Mizono on 730 Kains Ave in Albany 510-525-2900 and Meeta Doshi at 2999 Regent st near Ashby Ave in Berkeley

I've been going to Dr. Devigal, in North Berkeley, since I was a kid. He's wonderful, however I have good teeth. My dad, however, has horrible teeth and he also loves Dr. Devigal! I have only ever gotten my teeth cleaned, and a mouth guard fitted. My dad though, has had some cavity work done, as well as some crown maintenance.

Ellen Pacleb DDS on Solano in Albany. Excellent conservative dentist, and hygienists. Well managed COVID. 

Check out Dr. Cho.  I would give her a 5 star rating.  Been with her for many years and was with the dentist who retired for decades.  She's no a nonsense dentist and gives me what I believe to be honest and accurate recommendations as to what treatments I need and how quickly I need them.  I still have all of my teeth, so she/we must be doing something right. 
Not only is she a wonderful dentist, but she also has worked with me to schedule treatments to minimize the benefits I receive from my insurance company.  

Jennifer H. Cho DDS 
2915 Telegraph Ave Suite # 303,
Berkeley, CA 94705  near Ashby, 
(510) 996-4955

We like Crown Dental on San Pablo near Schmidt. been going there for years.

Another vote for Dr. Erwin Yeh. They are very busy, but always polite and I appreciate that both the dental hygienist and Dr. Yeh take time to patiently answer questions. I've never experienced them pushing any treatments.  Good luck! Fortunately there are many good dentists in these areas.