Ken Mizono, DDS

Albany, CA
Archived Reviews: 

March 2005

Re: Dentist in N. Berkeley
I'd recommend Drs. Mizono and Kobayashi... they aren't in N. Berkeley, but they're close by in Albany on 730 Kains, right off of Solano... they are both excellent dentists, they use ultrasonic cleaning, do a great job with preventive dentistry, and have loyal hygienists and staff members who have been there for years! They are all very kind, attentive, and let them know your sensitivity and they will try there best to accomodate! They are well worth going a little out of your neigborhood. There no. is 510-525-2899. Good luck. Jill

Dec 2002

RE: Dentists Who Do Great Crowns
I have been seeing Ken Mizono for several years now in Albany. I had a gold crown done about 4-5 years ago and I was happy with the experience. He and his staff are competent, knowledgeable, friendly and reasonable. I have been denying x-rays for many visits, due to cost (no insurance at the time) and they never push anything on me. They seem to trust the patient if the patient takes responsibility for their care. The office is located at 730 Kains. Email me if you any other ques Mary