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    I'm looking for a dentist in the Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland area that can put a crown on my implant.  I really have had a falling out with my current dentist. I feel I was completely ripped off. I'm in over $6,000 for one tooth - $5,000 for the extraction, the implant, multiple fancy 3-D Xrays, the abutment and the "retainer/mold" to get me to this point, and I don't even have the crown yet. I can't believe how much this has cost. Something is wrong.  

    MetLife is the insurance. 

    Thanks for any recommendations that you can give. 

    I think you would pay the same without insurance. My dentist is in the financial district in SF - Santwani Dental. 415-986-2636

    I am going through a root canal and crown process right now after having a similar situation with a ridiculous dentist in SF. 

    I am not sure about MetLife, as I have Guardian, but I have had a very good experience with Endospecialists (they have locations in Oakland, Berkeley and El Cerrito) with Dr. Fujimara - he is incredible. And dentist I have been seeing is Dr. Nam at Daniel Nam, DDS & Associates in Pill Hill (by Alta Bates Oakland). My experience with Dr Nam thus far is that he is straightforward and doesn't jump the gun on unnecessary procedures. 

    good luck!

    I recommend Dr Rainey at She is not in network with any insurance, but the truth is that in general, dental insurance really sucks and barely covers anything beyond cleanings. She is very patient and fair, and will give you an honest answer about pricing.  

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Dec 2002

I'm looking for a dentist near Albany that is good at making caps and crowns. My dentist in SF is excellent and even casts his own gold crowns, but now it takes me up to two hours to get to him on public transportation. I have read the advice page, but I'd like to hear from someone who specifically had lots of crowns, both gold and porcelain, and was satisfied with the craftsmanship of their dentists.

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