Roger Ota, DDS

Berkeley, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2006

I live in Walnut Creek and work in Berkeley, so I would recommend my Berkeley dentist, whose office is on Hearst, just off of Shattuck. My family has been going to him for years and he's great. Dr. Roger Ota 2020 Hearst Ave. Berkeley 841-0662

Jan 2003

Our whole family (except for the as yet toothless one) goes to Dr. Ota in Berkeley. He and his staff are wonderful. He's very gentle and reassuring, and my 4 yr-old loves going to see him. He's on Hearst between Shattuck and Milvia. elisabeth


i can honestly say i love my dentist. he has great characteristics to counter the dental experiences. he is good natured, honest, does great work and takes the time to answer any questions. his name is roger ota and he is located in berkeley on hearst near shattuck. Dakes

I have been seeing Dr. Ota for my own dental needs since Dr. Sakamoto, his predecessor, retired some years ago. Dr. Ota amply fills Dr. Sakamoto's very big shoes; he is a wonderful dentist and it is readily evident he is a wonderful person. He will go the extra mile for a patient, to an unbelievable extent, even giving me his home number for the holiday in case I needed an emergency root canal. I have an appointment scheduled for my three year old son in early February and will report how it goes. I asked the hygienist about this and she said it depends on the behavior of the child. If the child is manageable, then generally the child needn't go to a pediatric specialist dentist. If the child is totally uncooperative, as is her own daughter, then a pediatric dentist is indicated. She said that, as a rule of thumb, if the child does OK at the pediatric doctor, the child will do well at a regular dentist's office. Wendy

I took my son to Dr. Ota for the work Dr. M recommended and was very satisfied. Dr. Ota and his staff were great with my son and with me. There were no billing issues and there was no humiliation. Lynn