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  • Dentist who takes Aetna DMO?

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    Any recommendations for family or pediatric dentists that accept this plan? Looking for offices in Berkeley but will go Oakland, Albany, or El Cerrito to find a reliable, professional office. At this point I'll go to SF! Is Western Dental as bad as Yelp reviews seem to suggest? Anyone use Gentle Dental in El Cerrito? Help me BPN!

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    We have this insurance, too. It kinda sucks, Delta Dental is the best. We have been going to Aloha Pediatric Dentists for over 10 years with both kids. I really love them, and they will help you out as much as possible. Basically, with this insurance you have to pay up front no matter what dentist that you got to, and then submit the bill for reimbursement. It sucks, but Aloha has submitted as much as they can for us, and it has really helped. I also like their team of Dentists, we have seen quite a few. I guess that would be my only negative comment, that it is difficult, but not impossible, to see the same dentist every single time you go. But the upside is that it makes it easier to schedule appointments earlier than at a private practice with only one dentist. I love too that their new office is downstairs from Berkeley Orthodontics, as we now have two sons undergoing retainers and braces. The Dr.s from both offices work together and share x-rays and expertise. The one time that my older son had a terrible trampoline accident and semi-knocked out 2 front teeth and cut his upper gums on an Easter Sunday evening when both offices were closed, a Dr. from each office came in at 10 pm at night to work on saving both the teeth and orthodonture work. Wow. That would not have happened at a sole practitioner's office. They also have several offices to choose from, but we really like the one at 2640 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. Convenience is important to me also as my kids either have to miss school or come right from school to get to the appointments. I would say that you should check out the reviews of any office before you decide, just so you know. Here is their phone: 510-848-6494. Best to you

  • East Bay Dentist Specializing in Amalgam Removal

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    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a dentist in the East Bay who specializes in the removal of old fillings to minimize absorption of amalgam in the body.

    Thank you!

  • Good Dentist That Takes Delta Care USA HMO

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    Does anyone know of a good dentist that takes Delta Care USA HMO? I'm sure they are out there, but when I look on yelp I am having trouble finding any that take Delta Care USA HMO and have good ratings. I found one, had to wait a month to be enrolled with the office and then was told by that office that they were extremely overbooked and were not taking new patients. I know that Yelp is often not the full story, but would I love some positive recommendations to start with!

    I have this insurance also, and I don't like it! I ended up going to Oakland Smile Dental. Experience was OK, but they are always looking to pile on extra services.

    My family has the same Delta Dental HMO insurance and found Dr. Poyan at Alamo Smiles after a lot of research. It's also a chain dental group (aka Western Dental) however it doesn't feel that way. The office is new(er), the staff is great, and she's wonderful. My family (two boys, 7 and 12) has been seeing her for two years now and no complaints.

    I don't know what insurance they take, but I can tell you that Roger Koppel on Solano Ave in Berkeley is the world's best dentist. Give them a call at 510.527.9564.

    My children have DeltaCare and I know, the pickings are slim.  But I took them to Dr. Lavassani on Kearney St. in El Cerrito and she was wonderful.  The office is modest in size and appearance, but very clean and professional, with digital X-rays, etc. We had to wait about 20 mins. for our appt. to start (this was at the end of the day), but my kids liked the dentist and that is saying a lot for them!  Good luck.  For my family, who has never had dental insurance before Covered CA started insuring children, this was a savings of $600 to get cleanings, xrays, and exams for 2 kids!

    Being in the dental industry, I have some insight for you.  As you know, your insurance, Delta Care, is an HMO.  Most of the good dentists aren't contracted with this insurance because the reimbursement rates are so low.  For instance, a dentist who is contracted with an HMO may receive $300 for a crown whereas most PPO insurances pay three times that amount.  So the sweat shops like Western Dental whose dentists aren't well trained are usually contracted with the HMO in order to receive more patients.  

    Ideally, you should try to get a better insurance that is not an HMO but that is probably not an option.  It sounds like you have already cross referenced all the dentists that are listed on the website as providers with Yelp and didn't find a good one.  I can recommend an excellent dentist who I think is contracted with your insurance but I would call to confirm.  Dr. Ali Mola at:

    145 E 14th St Ste 100San Leandro, CA 94577-1661(510) 587-9400.  Good luck.