Steven Kobayashi, DDS


The adults in my family have been seeing Dr. Kobayashi in El Cerrito for years. My 9 year old also recently had to leave Aloha for the same reason and Dr. Kobayashi has been great for him as well. The office is modern, aesthetically pleasing and all the staff are great. They are also very responsive and accommodating if you ever have an urgent need. They do take Delta Dental. 

RE: Dentist near Albany Village ()

Dr. Stephen Kobayashi in Albany is great, and so is his office staff. My daughter is very afraid of going to the dentist due to a bad experience when she was younger. She is able to see Dr. Kobayashi and get her teeth cleaned. They are very good with people who are hesitant to see dentists. The hygenists explain what they are doing and they take their time with fearful patients.

Stephen Kobayashi is excellent. He has a great bedside manner, and doesn't try to push unnecessary treatment. He's at 727 San Pablo Avenue in Albany. His front office staff are very professional and friendly, and they also work with people who are afraid of the dentist.

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Nov 2010

Re: Delta Dental Pediatric Dentists?
We also have Delta and have had wonderful care for our children through our regular dentist, Dr. Steve Kobayashi. He has a new office in Albany on San Pablo Avenue a block or two north of Solano Ave. When my boys were getting old enough to go in for their first cleanings they came with me and watched mine so that they would know what to expect. Then when they had their own everything was explained in very clear kid friendly language. They've always loved going because everyone there is so friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Kobayashi for your whole family. Give him a call (510)962-9530 Rose

Jan 2010

Re: Gentle dentist for fearful adult
Dr. Steven Kobayashi in Albany has been recommended many times on this list (not just by me ;-)). He is very gentle and will change your feelings about dentistry. My whole family and probably 10 friends have switched to him. Love him. (High marks on YELP too.) 730 Kains Ave (between Portland Ave & Washington Ave) Albany, CA 94706 (510) 525-2899 Sally

Sept 2008

Re: Fabulous Dentist
I highly recommend Dr. Steve Kobayashi in Albany (Kains ave @ Portland). He is amazing, very skilled, and has a wonderful staff. toni

Feb 2008

I am looking for recent experiences with Dr. Kobayashi in Albany. I am scheduled to go in for some crown work. Thanks much. anon

I've had great experiences with Dr. Kobayashi, who I've been seeing for 3 years now. He's friendly and professional, was very concerned about my crown fitting perfectly, and has been quick and painless with routine work (fillings, exams). His staff is friendly and professional, too. The hygienists don't nag or lecture too much. And the office is beautiful and equipment modern. Probably my best dental experience. Smiling in Albany

I started seeing Dr. Kobayashi a couple years ago and have had a couple of nice crowns done. I am a bit nervous at the Dentist and appreciated receiving a very complete explanation of everything before and during the work. Dr. Kobayashi has a very gentle approach and his office is very friendly. They are also very good with explaining upfront the total costs, what insurance does and does not cover. calm at dentist

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist for kids that takes Delta Dental
We have Delta and love our dentist, hygenist, & the office staff. My kids love to see the dentist and I can only assume that is because they have so much fun when they go there. We see Steven Kobayashi on Kains in Albany. The phone number is 525-2899. Give them a call. Before my kids had their three year old visit they got to sit in on my visit to see what it was like. They watched the dentist ''count my teeth'' and clean off ''the sugar bugs''. They thought the special ''straw'' (that sucks out the spit) and all the buttons on the chair were really cool and had a chance to try them all out. They couldn't wait for their appointments! Rose

July 2007

Re: Looking for a great Delta dentist...
I have Delta as well and we have been seeing Dr. Steven Kobayashi on Kains in Albany, 510-525-2899. Both my husband and I have had crowns and fillings done and we've been pleased. When I had my crown he was very careful that the color of the crown match my tooth color and sent it back to be remade several times until it was just right. Interestingly instead of using a ''white'' crown on my husband he made his gold... personally I think this speaks to matching the recommendation to the patient, which I think is a good sign. The office staff is VERY friendly. Over the past 10 years we've changed jobs and insurance plans/groups several times and the office always handled ALL of the paperwork. At one point I had an insurance that wouldnt' cover adult flouride treatments and they submitted the claim several times in several different ways until they had managed to get the most out of the insurance company before billing us. Not only do my husband and I use Dr. Kobayashi, but my children do too. They LOVE visiting the dentist. He is fun and not at all intimidating so the kids don't have any worries at all about cleanings or exams (so far they've had no cavities.) Finally, I have to say that I have found Dr. Kobayashi and his staff to be very responsive. Several times I have called with urgent, non-emergency concerns, like my son's chipped tooth or temperature sensitivity in one of my own teeth. They have always tried to squeeze me in ASAP. So far they have referred us to orthodontics (for my son) and endodontics (for myself) and the referrals have been to very good people as well. on my way to the dentist today

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
I *do* love my dentist, Dr. Steven Kobayahi. He's a skilled and gentle dentist and a genuinely caring person. The office staff is the same. The practice is a positive place, filled with laughter, friendly talk, and beautiful photographs taken by Dr. Mizono (the other dentist in the office). I actually look forward to visiting them. It's worth the slightly longer trip to Albany. Dr. Steven Kobayashi, 730 Kains Ave. in Albany, 525-2899 Sally

August 2006

Re: Holistic dentist who is also skilled
I have had several amalgam fillings replaced by my dentist Dr. Steven Kobayashi and have been very pleased with his work. His office is located in Albany just a few bloocks from Solano Ave. Give his office a call 525-2899. I'm sure he would be willing to discuss safety with you before hand. Rose

April 2003

I highly recommend our dentist Dr. Steven Kobayashi. My husband and I have been patients there for four years and last year we started taking my son when he was three. They were great. To prepare my son for his first appointment they had me bring him with me to my six month cleaning. He got to watch everything they did to me, play with the levers on the exam chair, and also got a cool tooth brush. His cleaning/exam was scheduled for the following week. They explained everything in terms he could understand, and he really enjoyed himself. The number is 525- 2899. The office is located on Kains in Albany. (It is in a converted house that backs up to Albany Tool Mart on San Pablo Ave.) Rose

January 2003

I have just started to see a very kind, personable, mellow dentist in Albany. His name is Dr. Steven Kobayashi. He has child patients, as when I've been there I've heard him talking kindly to them. Getting fillings done was a breeze--he checked in w/ me countless times during the dental work to make sure I was doing ok. I've brought my baby son w/ me every time I've gone (half a dozen times) and he always talks to him, engages him and remarks on how cute and good he is. My former colleague who has two children recommended him to me. I will be taking my son to see Dr. Kobayashi when the time is appropriate. I don't know what insurance his office takes, but I know Delta is accepted. poppy

Dec 2002

RE: Dentists Who Do Great Crowns
I highly recommend Dr. Steven Kobayashi at 730 Kains Ave. in Albany, 525-2899. I've gotten several (4 or 5?) crowns from him. He does not do his own work but is a perfectionist---a good trait in a dentist! If the crown isn't exactly to his liking he will send it back. Of course, that means another visit for me, but I am more than happy to do so for someone who won't settle for 'good enough.' The office is the most pleasant dentist's office I've ever been too which makes visiting them a real pleasure. Sally

March 2002

RE: Dentists for the Fearful
I highly recommend Dr. Steven Kobayashi at 730 Kains in Albany, 525-2899. He's wonderful!! I referred a friend who is also highly anxious and he has been very happy. The entire office is upbeat and caring. Tell them Sally sent you :-) I've been there enough (with my own ''over-40'' teeth and my two kids!) that I joke about having my name over the door of one of the rooms. I've never felt this positive about a dentistry practice in my life. Sally