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My old dentist retired, and I am looking for a new dentist in West Contra Costa for me and my two young children.  I prefer old school dentists who take a non-interventionist approach.  I am particularly interested in someone who will not push me to remove perfectly fine metal fillings to replace them with composite fillings.  I also prefer someone with decades of experience.  This comes from a bad experience with a dentist in the area who pushed me to replace a filling that didn't need to be replaced, cracked my tooth while doing it, then couldn't figure out what the pain was from despite multiple return visits.  I finally had to go to my childhood dentist in San Ramon (an old school non-interventionist guy with decades of experience) who figured out the problem right away and was able to fix the damage.    

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Rodney Kim, DDS, on San Pablo in El Cerrito. Definitely old-school, non-interventionist, basic dentist. I recommend him.

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Dr. Thibault in Pinole- I found him after seeing a dentist in Walnut Creek that wanted to drill seven holes in my teeth for no reason. It’s hard to find honest dentists.