Cynthia Cox, DDS


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May 2005

Re: Highly skilled Dentist
I've had a good experience taking my mom to Dr Cynthia Cox. She did a good job on her full dentures, they look natural and fit well. She was with a dental group at the bottom of College Ave by CCAC but it looks like she's moved to another group near Summit/Pill Hill

Re: East Bay dentist who does good veneers (Feb 2005)
After much coaxing, I had porcelain veneers done on my two front teeth to replace my 20 year old bondings. They are beautiful and I love them. I think my dentist charged $900 per tooth but insurance covered part of it. A year later, one of them cracked and I went back to get them replaced. They never charged me a dime for the new work.

My dentist is Dr. Cox, and they are part of the Dentistry Group Dr. Peterson, Chan and Cox on College Ave. They are excellent, very thorough and responsible dentists. If you decide to go with them, please let them know I referred you. Jackie