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Expert cosmetic dentist

Dec 2009

I need a recommendation for an expert cosmetic dentist for porcelain veneer in Berkeley. Expert, experienced and ideally, affordable... Many thanks for any advice anonymous

I'm not sure what counts as affordable to you, but Dr. Brian Assael in Berkeley is an excellent cosmetic dentist. He gave me four porcelin veneers on my top front center teeth, and they are beautiful! He is meticulous and will sit and talk details of teeth shape, color, size etc. endlessly with you if you want. He enjoys cosmetic dentistry and it shows. He's very good at it, and has a big book of photos to prove it. Check him ou: (His webpage isn't so great though...don't go by that.) Andi
Claude Sidi has been my dentist for over 20 years, and is both an affordable and expert cosmetic dentist. Although I do not have veneers, I have seen the results of his work with other patients, and it is both meticulous and natural-looking. Dr. Sidi has done bonding on the tops of a couple of my teeth, as I have problems with wearing; you would never know by looking at them. I still commute to SF to see him and would not think of going to anyone else. Dr. Sidi's offices are located in the 450 Sutter building--an easy ride on BART to the Powell Street station with a nice 10-minute walk. Also, you won't meet a warmer or more interesting fellow; he's just a lovely person and his staff is exceptional. 415-391-9748. Sarah

East Bay dentist who does good veneers

Feb 2005

Can someone recommend a good dentist in the East Bay that does good veneers at a reasonable price. I have a chip in my front tooth and fillings don't stay. My dentist quoted me something like $1200 per veneer. I don't know what reasonable is, but he seems a bit like a wheeler dealer and I am not comfortable just going for it. Advice would be much appreciated. thanks broken smile

Recommendations received:

  • Cynthia Cox
  • Donald DiRocco

    Artistic porcelain veneers

    Nov 2002

    I am looking for a great cosmetic dentist. Someone who does porcelain veneers and won't make me look like I've just aquired a set of false teeth. I don't smile much as I don't like my teeth; they are discolored from antibiotic use as a child; misshapen with an overbite, and I have too few apparently, which causes other problems. In short, my teeth have lots of cosmetic failings! I saw a DDS in SF by the name of Castaneda who quoted me 43K for upper and lower teeth. It seems awfully high to me, but i have nothing to compare it to. In any case, it is out of my reach entirely. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone competent, well regarded, and artistic? I am willing to travel, even out of the country as I've heard you can do this stuff for less elsewhere. However, my first priority is to get the best job done. Thank you.

    Recommendations received:

  • Angela An SF
  • Jerry Bellen SF
  • Maggie Chao and Scott Keith SF
  • Sean Moran SF
  • Claude Sidi SF