Cosmetic dentist recommendation, especially for wear/bruxism

I checked the archives but there most recent question was from 2016 so I was hoping to see if anyone has had any more recent experience with a local dentist (greater Bay Area) with experience in bruxism and significant teeth wear. Decades of grinding/clenching have been really hard on my teeth and I'm ready to do something more than just prevent future wear. Has anyone had a really positive experience with a dentist locally with regards to restoration and cosmetic dentistry. Thank you in advance!

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Dr frederickson at dental studio SF is the only person i would trust with anything cosmetic and honestly anything dental. I have lots of experience with dentists sadly. He is stellar

Dr. Watkins in Berkeley, on Woolsey St is the man! 

He did an excellent job on my complicated case a couple years ago. Can’t recommend him enough. Extremely happy with the result. He also fixed my friend’s teeth and looks amazing.  
He doesn’t take insurance, though. That’s the saddest part, although he submits the claim to your insurance if you have anything to be reimbursed by them, which helps. 
His info: (510) 845-1505

info [at]

Tell that Silvia from Brazil referred you. He will remember, because I am a perfectionist! :-)

Total Health Dental makes crowns in office and has a cosmetic practice. Consider looking into the cause of the bruxism and if it's at night, consider a sleep study.