Total Health Dental Care - Old Oakland


I go to Total Health Dental on Solano in Albany, cross-street is Ramona. I was grandfathered into the practice, started at its Oakland office years ago (may have been on a BPN recommendation!), my dentist sold the practice to the current owner, and he expanded the practice to several locations. I recommend them, high quality care. 

I have the same insurance and see Dr. Pacheco at Total Health Dental Care in Old Oakland. I’ve had them do 2 crowns because I didn’t trust the last dentist I was at to do them. He is very gentle, friendly and helped me feel relaxed about the whole procedure. They also use a newer type of material that is supposed to be stronger than porcelain but I’m not sure what it’s called. You can also get an estimate up front before you decide to move forward. 

Good luck!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

    Oct 2011

    Re: I am terrified of dentists
    My dentist at Old Oakland Dental on Broadway took care of my multiple dental issues in one appoitnemtnt, handling my deep fears really well - with oral sedation! The entire staff was comforting and very friendly, and that magic pill made me forget everything that happened at that appointment. I just woke up with a smile that I dreamed about most of my life. Very happy and can provide more info if needed. The practice is at 827 Broadway in Oakland. Victoria

    May 2010

    Re: Need a dentist that isn't booked til August!!
    I don't know if they will be any better on scheduling (I usually schedule for my next appointment while I'm in the office, so I'm usually scheduling 6 months out, regardless), but I have been happy with Old Oakland Dental Care, on Broadway between 8th and 9th. I see Dr. Michael Tsotsiashvili. He took over when my old dentist retired, and other than his taste in waiting room furniture and a tendency to recommend aggressive procedures not covered by my insurance, I haven't had any complaints. I especially like the hygeinists there. Carrie

    Jan 2010

    Re: Dentist with Gentle Hygientists (Oakland)
    I have been going to see Jackie, an amazing hygienist at Old Oakland Dental. She is sweet, caring, and very very gentle. Here is there info Old Oakland Dental 827 Broadway, Suite 320 Oakland 510-832-3713. viktor