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Looking for a great Dental Hygienist

July 2011

I would like to find a competent dentist who has a great hygienist. The dream Dental Hygienist should be thorough but gentle. It always seems to be the dental hygienist I spend quality time with. Robert

Ann Legarda at Dr. Joel Boriskin's office is a fantastic hygenist. She is friendly, warm and thorough and I have been seeing her for years. I haven't had a bad visit yet. Dr. Joel Boriskin 510-843-1441 1502 Walnut Street, Ste. D Berkeley (right above Peet's Coffee in the Gourmet Ghetto) Love my hygenist
Ricky Singh up on The Alameda above Solano Ave is amazing. He has two girls that clean gently and incredibly effectively. Best cleanings ever. Reenie

Dental hygienist (for those with perio issues)

June 2011

Can anyone recommend an east bay dental practice with a hygienist that's really good at taking care of patients with gum problems? I had a great one years ago who stopped practicing and I just don't feel that the hygienists I've seen since have been taking as good care of me as she did. (Any other ex-patients of Beth Davie? What are you doing now?). I'm far more concerned with the quality of the hygienist than the dentist, truth be told. Anon

My husband and I really like our dental hygienist Becky (who works at Edward Jang DDS ). (I don't know her last name, but she's the only Becky there) My husband had pretty bad gums after some years of neglect and they did some root planing with him and I think he still goes 3 times a year (rather than 2) for cleaning, but his gums and teeth are great now. Thorough and gentle. She's very chatty, but also very nice. Jang has two offices, one in Pinole and one in Orinda. But I think Becky only works at the Pinole office (not sure). We always make sure we have her work on our teeth. (though really all of the staff is great there) --clean teeth
I adore my dental hygienist Andrea for her thorough, technical and personal skills. She actually reads the chart beforehand, follows up with issues, and does a lip and tongue exam for lumps. Since my partner used to chew tobacco, this seems reasonable and not an odd addition that no other hygienists did. She has a good balance of as light a touch as possible while still doing a deep cleaning. The office overall is pleasant and the dentists themselves knowledgeable. Andrea Dr. Penny Yip's practice 2821 Telegraph, Berkeley 510-841-7424 - clean mouth
Hello, I can unreservedly recommend my dental hygienist, David, who works with Dr. Meeta Doshi on Regent Street, near Alta Bates. Like you, I have had periodontal issues as well, and I really really care about the quality of my hygienist. While Dr. Doshi has reasonably good hygienists, he is outstanding. I have been to many dentists, and Dr. Doshi is a good one so I am satisfied with my treatment at her office. However, after years and years of meh hygienists with several different practices, I am extremely satisfied with David and plan to stay with him!! anon

Dentist with Gentle Hygientists (Oakland)

Jan 2010

I am generally averse to dental cleanings and looking for strong recommendations for dental practices with gentle dental hygienists. I'd prefer offices in Oakland or Berkeley. Thank you! Carrie

I have found the hygienists at Transcendentist to all be very gentle while being thorough with the cleaning. Check out the website: I can highly recommend the hygienists as well as Dr Fred Pockrass. Rosie
I have been using Dr. Tennant and Dr Gianni since I was in high school, now I take my kids there also. They are all so nice and friendly I love going to the dentist to see them and my kids do too. There aren't any fancy gimmicks just really kind, professional, gentle dentists and hygienists. They are awesome. Tennant & Gianni 2999 Regent St. Suite 714 Berkeley, CA 94705 Phone: 510-848-3143 Fax: 510-848-2522 Natalie
I have been going to see Jackie, an amazing hygienist at Old Oakland Dental . She is sweet, caring, and very very gentle. Here is there info Old Oakland Dental 827 Broadway, Suite 320 Oakland 510-832-3713. viktor

Hygienist (Sensitive teeth - prone to bleeding)

Jan 2006

I am looking for a hygienist who is patient and will be very gentle. My husband has extremely sensitive teeth and is prone to excessive bleeding while getting his teeth cleaned. Every time anyone has touched his teeth/gums they've been shocked by the amount of bleeding. Needless to add that the whole experience is quite unpleasant for him! Greatly appreciate advice regarding your positive experiences. I'd prefer someone in Berkeley/Oakland (Elmwood/Rockridge/Claremont) areas, but willing to travel further. Thank you. Palpakk


  • Hygienist Beth Davie (2)
  • Dale Herrero and Jill Martenson

    Other Advice:

    Hi. Try Leslie, who works in two offices: Nathan Kaufman 's office off of Solano Avenue in Berkeley, and Laurie Shepherd 's office in Montclair. I've been with her for more than 15 years, and she's great. Good luck. Laurel

    At some cleaning visits my gums bleed a bunch, too. And at other cleanings,... not nearly so much. I think my dentist's practice is full, but this may help: My gums bleed at cleaning much less when I brush with a selcus (sp?) while reading in bed or watching TV (after my regular brushing) at the end of the day. One doesn't use toothpase or water with the selcus brush (so you don't need to spit). It is skinny and has just two rows of bristles. It is for brushing (massaging?) the gum-tooth interface. I bet you can find one at the store. It really makes my gums healthier. This made a huge difference in reducing my gum bleeding, having less pain, and having a better cleaning experience all around. So in addition to finding a more gentle hygenist, perhaps this will help your husband also. Empathetic Smiler

    Hygienist Beth Davie

    Jan 2006

    Re: Hygienist (Sensitive teeth - prone to bleeding)
    Hi. See Beth Davie. She's an independent hygienist (formally with Nate Kaufman). She's ON TOP of it and very sensitive/aware of sensitivity. Puts all the dental blocking goop on before working and does a major, thorough cleaning for close to an hour. 510 828-7736 510-388-6398 cell Dana

    Do your husband a big favor and get him to Beth Davie to clean his teeth. Everyone I have sent to Beth comments on how well taken care of they felt. My whole family sees her.

    Beth is also perceptive and intuitive - she has picked up on why certain things were occurring with my teeth and gums that the doctor didn't even think of first.

    I had dental insurance for a couple years from work and thought I'd use it just for regular cleanings. I tried three dental offices on the list over time - awful! - and there was no comparison. Beth is the best hygienist any of my family has experienced. She's at 7001 Stockton in El Cerrito.

    Her contact info: e.davie AT or 510-388-6398

    Signed, not a friend or relative, & I do not benefit in any way :-) jessica

    May 2005

    I am seeking information on the wherabouts of my excellent hygienist from Nate Kaufman's office. Her name is Beth Davie. Her skills, both personally and professionally are great. I (and several other patients) want to find out where she went. Does any one have any information? We would like to follow her to her new location. mww

    I just happen to be seeing Beth tomorrow morning for a cleaning. **Beth is the best dental hygienist ever** I have seen her for at least 12 years.
    Beth Davie 7001 Stockton Ave. El Cerrito, Ca Home: 510-581-2864 Cell: 510-388-6398 Office cell: 510-828-7736 email: e.davie at
    I would like to know how to post this recommendation permanently(for hygienist Beth Davie) under ''reviews and recommendations''. This is an excellent, competent, gentle and thorough hygienist. She works within a dentistry practice, but is happy to see other patients as well. I have read the posts, but when I go to the permanent ''advice and health recommendations'' under the heading of hygienists-she is not listed. I speak for many of her patients who would like to see her listed under this heading. Pease advise how this is done! For those of you who are not familiar with he name-Let me tell you I have never had anyone so caring, detailed and knowledgeable.You can contact her @ 828-7736. Philip
    P.s.--I thank all of you who emailed me about Beth's whereabouts-- I have since contacted her and spread the word. so...if you need a good dental hygienist - Please contact Beth.
    I would like to recommend my hygienist of 20+ years. Her name is Beth, and until recently, she worked at Nate Kaufman's dental office. Beth is the very best hygienist I have ever had. I have had my teeth cleaned by many different people, and am always amazed at how gentle and thorough she is. She takes care of my WHOLE mouth and points out areas that should be checked for cavities,bite problems, etc. She is interested in in me as a person as well. I highly recommend her! If you love your dentist and are seeking good dental hygienist, give her a call. And for those of you who are trying to find out where she went, her phone numbers is either 510-828-7736 or 510-581-2864. karen

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    March 2000

    My family has been having their teeth cleaned at Nathan Kaufman's dental office on Ventura near Solano. They have several hygienists working various hours incl. Saturdays, and often the dentist will peek in. We were with an HMO and experienced an awful alternative. We dropped the dental portion of the HMO and now pay out of pocket over at Kaufman's.

    I have the greatest hygienist in the world (unless you ask my husband, who claims he does)! I see Leslie at Nate Kaufman's office, at 901 Ventura (off Solano Avenue), actually in Albany (and I commute from north Oakland). The number is 526-1757. I've been seeing Leslie since the mid-80's. She is extremely thorough and she's also delightful and funny. In the same office, my husband swears that Beth is the best. Since Beth doesn't take as long to clean, I don't believe him. I actually tried going elsewhere (as in much closer to home) and hated it so much I went to see Leslie as soon as she had an opening, to get a real cleaning! We like Nate a lot, too, and Kathleen in the front office is also terrific.
    I have had the same hygienist for many years. Her name is Diane and she works two days a week for the dentists on Gilman St. by Toots Sweet. The dentists are Broderson, Kurtz and Rotman. I really like her, she has a nice chairside manner and I think she teaches dental hygienists as well.
    I strongly recommend my dental hygenist, Pam, who works in the practice of Mark Kay on Solano in Berkeley. She always does a fine, unpainful job on my teeth and is the sweetest, funnest person.
    There is a great dental hygienist named Acquanetta Noel that works at Dr. DeVigal, DDS located at 917 The Alameda, Berkeley (510)525-2266.
    I can recommend Dr. Blaine Honda and Roger Ota's office. The dental hgienists are gentle and thorough. It's been a painless experience. Best of all, there is no condescending lecture about one's ineptitude at flossing or brushing. They are located at 2020 Hearst Ave. (510) 841-0662.