Scott Levine, DDS

Berkeley, CA

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    July 2007

    Re: Looking for a great Delta dentist...
    I have to say one of the best dentist is right here in Berkeley. Dr. Scot Levine is my dentist. I have alot of work done on my mouth and have been to many dentist, and he is by far the best. He is sensitive and respectful to the patients. He answers all questions you may have and he never pushed treatments that are unecessary like some dentist. He well trained and he attented UCSF dental school. He did a 2 year internship at UOP where he received numerous awards. Dr. Levine has a wonderful atmosphere in his office. Everyone is very kind and helpful. He is located 918 The Alameda in Berkeley. LOOk him up you will see what I mean. vl

    Dec 2006

    After a not-so-good experience at a more new age type of dentist, I can recommend ''the squarezenheimer dentist'' Scott Levine @ 526-8811 Dr. Levine did my crown and it was fast & cost a lot less than I paid before. He fixed things that had been driving me crazy for 2 years. This in 2 short visits and a fraction of the cost.