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Berkeley, CA

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2999 Regent St., Suite 525, Berkeley 548-4084

Dec 2010

Re: Dentist for teen who has outgrown his pediatric dentist
My son recently 'graduated' from his pediatric dentist to Dr.Ariane Terlet, on Regent St. in Berkeley. She and her associate, Dr. Aziz have a family dental practice, and are kind and skilful dentists. The office staff are helpful, and Dr. Terlet and many other staff are fluent in Spanish. Their number is 510-548-4084. A happy dental patient

Oct 2009

I really like my children's dentist, Dr. Arlene Terlet, 2999 Regent Street, Ste 525, Berkeley 510-548-4084. I'm concerned about all these x-rays dentists give kids, even with no history of cavities, and unlike other pediatric dentists, she listened respectfully and agreed to develop a much less frequent x-ray schedule for my children. My friend's entire family goes to her, parents too, and love her.

Oct 2009

Re: Seeking HMO Dentist who takes Digital X-rays
Dr Terlet in Berkeley uses digital x-rays and she's a very nice, friendly dentist, too.

Re: Severe fear of going to the dentist (Nov 2004)
Ariane Terlet and staff (possibly excepting hygienist) are wonderful, 2999 Regent Street #525, right opposite Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley, tel. 548-4084. I have a pretty severe dental phobia too and have needed A LOT of work in the past few years (in part due to past avoidance of dentists), including several crowns. They work with kids as well, which is probably part of the reason they are so good with traumatized adults, and will give you laughing gas if you like (I actually don't use it and do fine there anyway). Let her know how you feel when you first meet, and also bring headphones and a walkman-- helps immensely. Also helps to take some Ibuprofen before you go if you will be having a lot of work--relaxes the muscles of the jaw and provides some pain relief for when the anesthesia wears off. They speak spanish too. Good luck!!! Anna

July 2004

Re: Female dentist for a fearful person
I've been very happy with Dr. Ariane Terlet. Her office is very close to Alta Bates hospital on Regent Street. Tel: 548-4084. She's friendly, competent, and all around a great dentist! Abby

May 2004

We've been seeing Ariane Terlet for a few years. She's very nice and seems quite competent. She's good with kids - she likes them and has many child-centered things going on there at the office. My occasionally non-social 3 year-old just had his first appt. with her, and while it wasn't a picnic, it went surprisingly well. He sat on my lap in the chair the whole time, she spoke to him rather than ignoring him in favor of me, did a quick job of it, then let him choose his take-home gear. I would recommend her. -Jean

July 2002

Re: Dentists who speak Spanish
An excellent Spanish speaking dentist is Ariane Terlet, 2999 Regent St., Suite 525 in Berkeley. Her phone number is 548-4084. She is an excellent dentist -- I have been going to her for about 15 years. Several of the people on her staff are also Spanish speaking. Andrea

I would like to recommend Dr. Ariane Terloet on 2999 Regent Street. Our family has been going to her for two years now and we are completely satified. Her staff is very professional and many speak Spanish, Dr. Terlet also speaks Spanish. She and her staff are very good with children (mine are 5 and 2) and try to make their visits comfortable and informative. While I have not spoken Spanish with Dr. Terlet, I have had long discussions in Spanish with her staff. Julianna

June 1999

Ariane Terlet, near Alta Bates, is terrific. She's a mother of school-aged kids, she volunteers at the free clinic, she is down-to-earth, she's thorough but she also gives you a choice about what to get done and how to do it. She fills 'em fast. Her office staff is friendly and efficient, and there are beautiful views of the Berkeley Hills from the offices!


From: Bob Ariane R. Terlet DDS 2999 Regent Berkeley (next to Alta Bates) 548-4084 Both my wife and I think she is wonderful!