I'm Looking for a New Dentist near Alta Bates

There are so many dentists in the Alta Bates area near Telegraph and Ashby, I have a hard time choosing one. I am looking for a skilled person. If you have had had work done on your teeth and are happy with the results, I want to hear about it. I guess I want to steer clear of lousy dentists too, so if you have had problems, I want to hear about that, too. Thanks for your input. 

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long-time client of DDS Donald Dirocco, right next to Alta Bates. He does great work, and hygienists and office staff are all great. Super nice and professional. Highly recommended.

I've been a patient of Brian Assael for years and have sent a lot of friends to him too. Only good experiences. He's right across the street from Alta Bates. 

Robin Whitley is great. I had to have  several crowns replaced recently, and she does great work. I have been pleased with the results. I’ve known her a long time. Robin is direct and straightforward. No nonsense. She’s also kind and honest. I would highly recommend her. 510-843-4434

I highly recommend Marchelle King, (510) 549-0644. My husband and I have been going to her for years. Small practice, greatly skilled, comfortable environment. Near Alta Bates.

We are fond of Ken Childers:

here is his info:

6116 Merced Ave. 

Oak. 510-339-2792

his office is in Montclair. Nice person. Tell him Steve and Diane said hi. 

Dr. Penelope Yip and her colleague Dr.Murphy are phenomenal. I've been a patient for 15 years and my husband switched from his. 510-841-7424. 

I would like to recommend Ariane Terlet, who I've recommended before on BPN, because she is a great dentist located in the medical building on Russell Street right next to Alta Bates. She is in a practice with another woman dentist and they have a number of all-woman assistants and hygienists so it's very chill. Everyone speaks Spanish if that's a consideration for you. What I like about Terlet is she's very skilled (she fixed my smile so it looks beautiful), she's personable (ask her about her kids), and she's altruistic (she heads up the dental department at La Clínica.)  The examining rooms have all-glass views of Berkeley and the Berkeley Hills, which is pleasant, and the receptionists are so nice. I don't like going to the dentist, but I do like Terlet.