Donald DiRocco, DDS


long-time client of DDS Donald Dirocco, right next to Alta Bates. He does great work, and hygienists and office staff are all great. Super nice and professional. Highly recommended.

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May 2010

I've looked through the archives and am hoping for some newer recommendations for either Donald DiRocco, DDS or Robert Watkins, DDS. I need a fresh start (and some cosmetic work--veneers) and am hoping this community can help me decide between the two. Thanks! new dds, please

I don't know Dr. Watkins, but I can attest for Dr. DiRocco. I give him five stars! He gave me my first job out of college in his front office and although I've moved on career wise, now I'm a loyal patient (I moved away for a couple of years, I could've gone to another dentist), my husband too. I recommend him for anyone who hates and fears going to the dentist. His office and staff are pleasant and they are on time. If he does happen to run behind, his staff will offer to make you a cappuccino. While doing a procedure, he will make sure you are comfortable and offer you headphones and even nitrous gas for a routine cleaning if you're nervous. Dr. DiRocco is conservative and will not try to sell you any unnecessary procedures - he doesn't need to. His practice is built on his reputation, word of mouth recommendations, and his loyal patients. Tiffany

I've been seeing Dr. DiRocco for 25yrs. I've had no complications. I like his hygenists and he seems to have the up-to-date tech. for teeth care. He's very kind and low key. He is very thorough. When my child was younger he liked to wait in waiting room for me and watch the cool fish in the aquarium.

I thing though- I got diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and ended up finding out about a CPAP alternative- ''oral balance system'' which Michael Alvarez, DDS of Fremont is skilled in (gets billed under medical plan). Dirocco focused on the use of a mouth guard for teeth grinding and did not seem to know nor seem particularly interested in knowing about the other mouth guard system - oral balance- which took care of both problems at one time. I've been sleep apnea free for 3 yrs! I'd still highly recommend Dr. D! Anon

May 2007

Re: Looking for Good Dentist in Berkeley Oakland area
I have been going to Donald DiRocco DDS in Berkeley since 1987. I have very ''unique'' teeth and system, and am generally hard to please. He and his office staff are absolutely WONDERFUL -- expert at what he does and fantastic chair-side manner. Before I moved to the Bay Area, I asked my dentist in Chicago how to find a good dentist somewhere new where I did not know anyone to ask for recommendations. He recommended that I call 3 periodontists and ask for their recommendations for general dentists. I called 3 and they each offered 3 names, and there was one name in common across the 3 -- that was Dr. DiRicco; 2414 Ashby @ Telegraph, Berkeley (510) 845- 8780. Big smiles

Re: Highly skilled Dentist (May 2005)
I have found my dentist, Donald DiRocco, near Alta Bates on Ashby, to be highly competent. I had crowns put in three years ago and they still look great, and he's always dealt very well with other dental problems that have arisen. I haven't had a bridge, however. I'd give him a call if I were you. Wendy

Re: East Bay dentist who does good veneers (Feb 2005)
Well, I really like my dentist, Don DiRocco in Berkeley near Alta Bates, who gave (well, okay, sold) me two lovely new front crowns about three years ago. Having said that, I don't think $1200 per veneer is out of the ordinary; my crowns (essentially the same deal, but more tooth replaced and not purely cosmetic) cost about $1100 each. But Dr. DiRocco is not a wheeler-dealer type, and my teeth looks SO much better and more natural. Wendy

Re: Severe fear of going to the dentist (Nov 2004)
I could have written your exact post with the addition of having ''bad'' teeth (crowns, root canals etc). I highly reccomend Dr. DiRocco -- he is on Ashby near whole foods. Great dentist, very good listener and has helped tremendously with my teeth. I'm phobic too

March 2002

RE: Dentists for the Fearful
I don't have fear of dentists, but I have been seeing a very competent dentist, Donald DiRocco, near Alta Bates, and believe he'd be very sensitive to a fearful patient. He filled a nasty cavity of mine last month, and was tremendously considerate of my comfort. Wendy