Brian Assael, DDS


I've been a patient of Brian Assael for years and have sent a lot of friends to him too. Only good experiences. He's right across the street from Alta Bates. 

RE: Veneers/Cosmetic dentistry ()

I'd like to recommend Dr. Brian Assael. I think he's the one you're looking for. He's in Berkeley near Alta Bates. He specializes in this and has an artistic eye. You can see lots of photos of his patients before and after. His office number is (510) 984-3976   

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Dec 2009

Re: Expert cosmetic dentist
I'm not sure what counts as affordable to you, but Dr. Brian Assael in Berkeley is an excellent cosmetic dentist. He gave me four porcelin veneers on my top front center teeth, and they are beautiful! He is meticulous and will sit and talk details of teeth shape, color, size etc. endlessly with you if you want. He enjoys cosmetic dentistry and it shows. He's very good at it, and has a big book of photos to prove it. Check him ou: (His webpage isn't so great though...don't go by that.) Andi

Feb 2009

Re: Dentist Referral
Best dentist ever - Brian Assael in Berkeley. He is located at 2459A Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA 94705 Phone: 510-848-9796 . I have been his patient for over 12 years. I was so afraid of dentist until I went to see Brian. He is kind, thoughful, listen to your needs and concerns and is always very honest. Plus everybody that works with him (especially Theresa) make you feel like home. Actually... now i cannot wait to go to my dentist... can you believe it??... well.. it's true! anon

March 2007

Re: Dentist recommendation needed
I love my new Berkeley dentist, Brian Assael. My husband's parents have seen him for years, since he took over the practice of another dentist. I've just started seeing him a few months ago, but he just did a major reconstructive/cosmetic job on me that took three months. I am sooooo happy with the work he did. He also charges what delta pays for normal office visits and routine work, not more like other delta dentists. Andi

Nov 2006

Re: Need a GREAT dentist!
Dr. Brian Assael is the BEST dentist around! He's all that you're asking for -- friendly, thorough, conscientious, honest, and does excellent work -- and more. I've been going to Dr. Assael for about 6 years now. He's friendly, caring and an all-around fantastic dentist. His office is located close to Whole Foods on Ashby and Regent St. in Berkeley. Brian Assael DDS 2459A Ashby Ave Berkeley, CA 94705 Phone: 510-848-9796

March 2006

The best dentist that I have ever known so far is Brian Assael on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley (at Ashby). I was afraid of dentists until I found Dr. Brian in 1997. He is a very nice, caring, people's doctor who really cares about the person. He is very meticulous, perfectionist and conscious dentist. The receptionist Theresa is just wonderful, and very very nice. I totally trust him. His info: Brian Assael Tel: (510) 848-9796 at 2975 Telegraph ave. They are in the process of moving to another location in Ashby, so give them a call first. Dr. Assael's fan

Re: Dentists open on Saturday (March 2005)
Our dentist, Brian Assael, has both Saturday and evening hours. He's located on Telegraph, near Whole Foods. He's really gentle and thorough, and often does cleanings himself. We've been with him for about a year, and so far are happy with his care. IC

June 2004

Re: Dentist for a Root Canal
I can recommend Brian Assael on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley (at Ashby). I have had quite a lot of work done by him including root canals, that I must say, he does not do systematically- i.e. he tries to ''save'' the tooth if possible. He is very meticulous and thourough and is also a very nice person. My 2 kids see him too, although just for cleaning for now! I trust him very much. His info: Brian Assael Tel: 848 9796 at 2975 Telegraph ave. Good luck! Veronique


Dr. Assael has a small office on Telegraph near Ashby. He is great- very thorough, explains a lot and is good with pain control. I know several co-workers who like him too. Tavie

I have used Dr. Assael for many years, ever since he bought the practice from the previous dentist. He is personable, thorough (he often does the teeth cleanings himself), gentle, and loves dentistry. I have never felt rushed there, and always feel that I am getting excellent care. I highly recommend him. Melissa