Penelope Yip, DDS & Bonnie Murphy, DDS

Berkeley, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2011

Re: Looking for compassionate dentist
I work in a fantastic dental office...for 2 compassionate talented female dentists. We are located across from Whole Foods on Telegraph..Drs Yip and Murphy..510-841-7424. You will be happy, I am quite sure! Andrea

June 2011

Re: Dental hygienist (for those with perio issues)
I adore my dental hygienist Andrea for her thorough, technical and personal skills. She actually reads the chart beforehand, follows up with issues, and does a lip and tongue exam for lumps. Since my partner used to chew tobacco, this seems reasonable and not an odd addition that no other hygienists did. She has a good balance of as light a touch as possible while still doing a deep cleaning. The office overall is pleasant and the dentists themselves knowledgeable. Andrea Dr. Penny Yip's practice 2821 Telegraph, Berkeley 510-841-7424 - clean mouth

May 2007

Re: Love your Berkeley dentist?
I love Penelope Yip on Telegraph. The entire staff are just so warm and fun. I hated going to the dentist until I found this practice. I believe Dr. Yip is out on maternity leave, but she's coming back. Not sure who's filling in or if there are other dentists in the practice, but give them a try. smiling proud

June 2004

Re: East Bay woman dentist
I recommend my dentist, Dr. Penelope Yip, located on Telegraph near Ashby. (Phone: 841-7424) As one of the top graduates from UCSF school of dentistry, she was selected by Dr. Mary Ellen Sullivan to take over her practice a few years ago when she moved out of the area. Penny Yip is smart, funny and great to work with, as is her entire staff - a great mix of women who clearly enjoy working together. I almost look forward to going to the dentist! Natasha