William van Dyk, DDS & Raynato Castro, DDS

San Pablo
RE: Veneers/Cosmetic dentistry ()

I'm happy to recommend Dr. Ray Castro who's located in San Pablo on Vale Rd. The whole office staff as well as both the dentists make the dental experience wonderful in every way. They're website is www.bvdds.com and the phone is 510 260 4943 or 236 1662. 

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June 2006

Re: Pediatric dentist for first timer?
I just took my 3.5 yo to his second dentist appointment. The first time, when he was 3, he cried histerically and the dentist decided to just show him around, take a brief look at his teeth, and then gave him a little present. The second time, I got a cleaning appointment right before my son's, and he saw the dental hygenist ''at work.'' Then the dentist came, he saw my son, and the dental hygenist gave me a complete treatment! I was so happy. The care was great, they were very pacient with my son and very supportive, and took everything one step at a time. We have been going to Dr. Van Dyk's practice for several years now (pre-children) and have always liked him a lot and recommended him to our adult friends, and after taking care of my children I'd be recommending him to our friends with children! He is superb and his team is great! They are located in San Pablo, but to me it's worth the drive (we live in Oakland). Here is the info: Dr. Van Dyk 2089 Vale Rd., Suite 30 San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 236-1662 - Eva

Nov 2004

Re: Severe fear of going to the dentist
I don't know if our dentist specializes in treating people with dental phobia but I know he is the kindest, nicest dentist I've ever found. When I had my wisdom tooth removed I developed dry sockets and he called up on me (he did not remove the tooth, he referred me to someone else who specialized in that) and always offered TONS of comfort. His staff is also extremely nice and accomodating. They always makes us feel very comfortable --or as comfortable as one can be in a dentist office ;-) If you'd like to contact him, here is his practice info:
Dr. Van Dyk 2089 Vale Rd. Ste. 30 San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 236-1662

June 2004

Re: Dentist for a Root Canal
I don't know of a dentist in Berkeley, but our dentist, Dr. Van Dyk, is absolutely the best. We go all the way to San Pablo- City b/c it is definitely worth the drive! I had a root canal and he did a superb job! His info is:
Dr. Van Dyk 2089 Vake Roard, Suite 30 San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 236-5217