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San Francisco, CA

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Dec 2009

Re: Expert cosmetic dentist
Claude Sidi has been my dentist for over 20 years, and is both an affordable and expert cosmetic dentist. Although I do not have veneers, I have seen the results of his work with other patients, and it is both meticulous and natural-looking. Dr. Sidi has done bonding on the tops of a couple of my teeth, as I have problems with wearing; you would never know by looking at them. I still commute to SF to see him and would not think of going to anyone else. Dr. Sidi's offices are located in the 450 Sutter building--an easy ride on BART to the Powell Street station with a nice 10-minute walk. Also, you won't meet a warmer or more interesting fellow; he's just a lovely person and his staff is exceptional. 415-391-9748. Sarah

May 2005

Re: Highly skilled Dentist
I stand by my original posting under ''cosmetic dentistry'' (Nov. 2002)

Dr. Claude Sidi is the best dentist I have ever gone to (and I have been to many), and everyone I have ever referred to him agrees. And hey, if Sharon Stone sends her mother to him (and I'm sure she can send her mother to any dentist she likes), that is not such a bad recommendation, either! He is extremely competent on top of being a genuinely great human being. His office is in SF at 450 Sutter--just a 5-minute walk from BART/Powell Street station. The number is 415-391-9748. sarah

Nov 2002

Re: Cosmetic dentistry
As it sounds as though you might not mind going into the city, I would highly recommend Dr. Claude Sidi, whose office is in the 450 Sutter building in SF. Although he has a general practice, cosmetic dentistry is his specialty. He has been my dentist for 14 years, and I still trek over to SF from Berkeley because I refuse to give him up. He is an absolute perfectionist, and as a result he does flawless work. (I think he really sees himself as an artist as much as he does a dentist; he is an amateur Impressionist painter on the side.) Claude has done bonding on my teeth due to wearing and chipping (unfortunately, I was blessed with very soft enamel) and has redone my numerous crowns, replacing them with porcelain ones to match my other teeth. Claude has formed a great relationship with the lab people in his building, and he frequently calls them in to help him with the matching process. I have also seen the results of the more extensive cosmetic work you are talking about; he is really tops in his field. My sense is that his prices are within the reasonable range. His phone number is 415-391-9748, and you can also check out his website:

Good luck. Sarah

May 2000

I don't know if you are willing to travel to SF, but I have a great dentist downtown. After several dental horror stories, I was referred to him by a friend, and now almost look forward to my check ups. He is kind, gentle, does excellent work, and really makes me feel at ease. He always gives me all the options, making me feel comfortable with whatever I decide to do. His name is Claude Sidi, (415)391-9748.