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I haven't had any cosmetic dentistry done by them yet, but can recommend Dr. Sandor Hites in Berkeley. (510) 845-6494. It is a "holistic" practice and they definitely look at the structure of the whole head and jaw. I need to have my veneers replaced soon and hope to have that done by them.

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Oct 2011

Re: I am terrified of dentists
There is no better dentist than Sandor Hites in Berkeley on Channing Way. He is so gentle, calming, understanding and reassuring, so focused and good at what he does and cares very much about the well-being of everyone of his patients. He will use accupressure on your ears or homeopathic assistance to eliminate any fear you might be having that day. He is a holistic dentist, who has helped many ''mercury-poisoned by amalgams'' patients with their recovery. Other dentists have complimented his long- lasting precise work/craftsmanship. His number is 510-845- 6494 Heike

May 2010

Re: Need prosthodontist for complicated front bridge
I recently started seeing a fabulous dentist in Bkly, Dr. Joy Jang (she works w/ Dr. Sandor Hites). While they are not specifically ''prosthodontists'', they are extremeley proficient and knowledgable in bridges, tricky situations, etc. I'm in a similar situation...I have a lower front bridge (4 teeth plus 2 anchor teeth each side) that was poorly done 3 years ago and needs replacing. In my situation I am having the DDS who did it in the first place re-do at no cost, following advice of Dr. Hites and Dr. Jang. But if I'd had the $ I would have had Dr. Jang do the work after she described how it would be done and how it would look. I totally trust these 2. Office # is 845-6494. Good luck...That's a huge job. looking forward to having nice smile again

Nov 2009

Re: Dentist good with gum and tmj issues
I have been seeing Dr. Sandor Hites for 20 years. He's been correcting my TMJ for the last 4 hrs and we are pretty much done! My husband has had some serious gum issues and goes to him too. He is very competent and I recommend him highly. dp

March 2008

Does anyone have feedback on Dr. Hites, the dentist in Berkeley? Have you had any orthodontic work done by him? Thanx, eva

I had a REALLY bad experience with Dr. Hites. The inital exam seemed to drag on and on, we had to go in three different times for him to make an assesment, (between the first and second he seemed to have forgotten any of the information he had from the first visit). He said one price to us and wrote a higher one on the intake form and when I questioned the desk person about this she looked blank. I still didn't have a clear idea of how much I would be paying and approximately how long it would take. We left abruptly after being told we still needed to have x-rays taken and had to come back a fourth time. The office staff seemed wooden and not very informed. I got the feeling they were either scared of him or he had such a control-thing going they had to ask him about everything. We got a very bad feeling from the whole practice. There are other functional orthodontists out there, search again. try Dr. Fredrickson on Gilman St. We are EXTREMELY happy with him. anon

June 2007

Re: Dentist - biocompatible AND brilliant?
Rotman pased away over a year ago. He shared a practice with others at 1313 Gilman who will use the IAOMT protocol for safe placements. Another person I found excellent in all things, including the remediations you mention, is Sandor Hites, at Ellsworth and Channing. Nori

May 2003

Re: Dentist to remove all my amalgams & chelation/detox therapy
Dr. Sandor Hites in Berkeley is great. He's real busy, but very dedicated to the alternative dentistry/non-amalgam movement). He's extremeley experienced, very fast and gentle, and expensive. Also, there's a network of such dentists in the East Bay--I found it by doing a search on his name and getting the member list. You might try that yourself. Betsy

My dentists always uses a dam with lots of suction when removing fillings. He's a bit of a health nut and is always talking about how careful he is and how dangerous old fillings are. But I don't remember much of what he says so I don't know if he does everything you are interested in. But I bet he does. He's German but he's been practicing here for a long time. I've been with the office for 21 years (On my god, I'm old!:) He takes Delta Dental. I've always been happy with his work and everybody in the office. His name is Sandor Hites, 2240 Channing Way, Berkeley Phone # 845-6494. Good luck, Kristin