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Need prosthodontist for complicated front bridge

May 2010

I have just discovered that my dental bridge involving my 6 front teeth needs to be replaced after 11 years. This bridge is basically my entire smile, so the aesthetics are absolutely critical, and I'd also like to have it last longer next time.

I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations for dentists or prosthodontists who specialize in this type of work and are known for their excellent outcomes. not smiling...

I recently started seeing a fabulous dentist in Bkly, Dr. Joy Jang (she works w/ Dr. Sandor Hites). While they are not specifically ''prosthodontists'', they are extremeley proficient and knowledgable in bridges, tricky situations, etc. I'm in a similar situation...I have a lower front bridge (4 teeth plus 2 anchor teeth each side) that was poorly done 3 years ago and needs replacing. In my situation I am having the DDS who did it in the first place re-do at no cost, following advice of Dr. Hites and Dr. Jang. But if I'd had the $ I would have had Dr. Jang do the work after she described how it would be done and how it would look. I totally trust these 2. Office # is 845-6494. Good luck...That's a huge job. looking forward to having nice smile again
This recommendation would also be good for the persons in the May 8 edition, seeking a night-guard or a TMJ dentist (though I don't know which insurance policies this excellent prosthodontist and dentist accepts).

Robert Watkins , DDS, 2320 Woolsey St, #112, Berkeley 94705. 510-845-1505.

Dr. Watkins has resolved problems others could not solve, and those others made worse trying to help. He is conservative about interventions and a superb craftsman. The front desk is a little dyslexic about appointments, so confirm a few days ahead or accept mix-ups. -- Smiling with all teeth up and chewing

Need a veneer on my front tooth, last resort before implant

May 2006

Looking for a very reputable prosthodontist in the Bay Area. I need a veneer on my front tooth. It is my last resort before an implant. Because it is my front tooth I want to ensure it is done right or not at all. My regular dentist can do it but I would prefer a specialist as I have had a lot of work on this tooth and it is more complicated than just a veneer. Can anyone confidently recommend someone? I live in Oakland but willing to travel within the greater Bay Area. Thank you! Ashley

I can highly recommend Dr. Don Curtis on Durant Street in Berkeley (510) 644-2114. I was in a car accident as a kid and have spent numerous hours in dental offices over the years, Dr. Curtis is one of the best I've been to. He's gentle, easy to talk to and strongly focused on aesthetics. If you find that you need to go the implant route, Dr. Curtis works closely with an oral surgeon who is equally wonderful, Dr. Alex McDonald. Good luck. Susan
I would highly recommend Dr. William Saupe in Berkeley (Ashby at Telegraph) (tel: 510-548-0317). He has done all of my crowns, and my front four teeth with composite. I am now ready for veneers on my four front teeth and have no hesitation going to him. I trust that I will love how my teeth look with him. His office is quaint, his staff professional and friendly, and his demeanor really put me at ease. I always feel like he knows who I am when I go in, and I appreciate that. Chanel
Jill Martenson at Piedmont Dental by Design did a great job on my front teeth. She was very knowledgeable and came up with a plan that preserved as much of my natural tooth structure as possible. She took her time and did an amazing job. She was more expensive than regular dentists, but totally worth it in my opinion. Her number is 510-652-2911. can smile again