Laura Lawson, DDS


Laura Lawson Dentistry is great, they take a very natural approach and are very gentle but thorough. I've been going there for 3 years now, have had a few cavities filled my them. Located on Solano. 

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Feb 2012

Re: Sensitive hygiensts and tmj-knowledgeable dentist
I like Laura Lawson DDS on 1485 Solano Ave, (510) 527 0244. She and her staff are very friendly and warm and the office bright and inviting. But I go there because she seems very capable and knowledgable and I trust her fully (and I am picky about health care professionals). Anon

May 2009

I like to hear what other people have to say about the two dentists Laura Lawson and Anthony Needham in Albany. I am looking for somebody patient,gentle and good with children. alexandra

I have been seeing Dr. Lawson for a few years now and she is incredibly friendly. She typically does the cleanings herself rather than using a dental hygienist. She makes investments in new technology and gives good advice about preventative care. Even though the Solano Ave. location is not convenient for me (she used to practice in south Berkeley) it's worth the trip! I highly recommend Dr. Lawson. Mary