Ricky Singh, DDS

Berkeley, CA

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July 2011

Re: Looking for a great Dental Hygienist
Ricky Singe up on The Alameda above Solano Ave is amazing. He has two girls that clean gently and incredibly effectively. Best cleanings ever. Reenie

March 2009

Re: Which dentists are good?
Dr. Baer was fab but is retired; Dr. Singh now heads the practice and seems very good (I've only been once.)The location is great (the alameda at solano ave.) and I like that they use digital for x-rays so no radiation exposure. chris

Nov 2008

Re: Need family dentist recommendation
A had a problem with a sensitive tooth. My regular dentist exam and x rays, and said everything was good. A week later the tooth broke off. My regular dentist was not available so I got an apt with Dr Singh, who happens to be in the same office. Dr Signh was great, and got me in right away. He reviewed my xrays and I did indeed have a cavity in the broken tooth. I was really pleased with the crown and work that Dr Signh did on my broken tooth, I plan on seeing him in the future for all my dental needs. I won't be returning to my previous dentist. The Broken Tooth