Ellen Pacleb, DDS

Albany, CA
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Oct 2010

Re: Pediatric Dentist in El Cerrito area

I highly recommend Ellen Pacleb, DDS. A friend took her son there for his first time 2 months ago and he had a great experience. I took my son there not long after and he had a great experience as well. Both kids were 4. The hygienist explained everything to the child and he sat in the chair all by himself. She's is at 1307 Solano Avenue, Albany. 510 527-7933. We didn't have insurance, and they gave us a 5% discount. It was $170, but I felt it was well worth it. Plus they give a blinking toothbrush and other goodies at the end. Tana

Feb 2009

Re: Can anyone recommend a PMI dentist??
I have a great Dentist her name is Ellen Pacleb. I'm not sure if she takes PMI, I can't imagine that she wouldn't. She is the most thorough, best Dentist I have ever seen. The staff is great and everything is explained, which these days is hard to find both. There was things I never knew from prior Dentists regarding the care of my teeth. I just can't say enough how good it felt to see a Dentist who is so thorough and nice. Her office is in Albany, and her phone number is 527-7933. Very happy patient! tracey

Nov 2008

Re: Looking for GP *and* Dentist, EC or Berk
Dr. Ellen Pacleb is located on Solano Ave in Albany. She's one the the best dentists I've ever had. They're good with kids. The office and staff are very clean and professional. They accept Delta Dental. Here's her page on Yelp. http://www.yelp.com/biz/ellen-m-pacleb-dds-albany 1307 Solano Ave (between Key Route Blvd & Pomona Ave) Albany, CA 94706 (510) 527-7933 Joy