Amy Lee, DDS

Alameda, Berkeley

Dr. Amy Lee on Solano - she is not only kind but skilled based on my experience.

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We actually left Alameda Pediatric Dentistry a few years back because we wanted more of a traditional dental office vs large organization.  For example: we kept getting a different dentist every visit and they took photos of my children without asking me (later I found out it is to prevent people from bringing in another child who wasn't covered under insurance. Which makes sense because they don't know their customers like staff and a dentist in a smaller office.).  They also kept wanting to do teeth x-rays for my kids who were under 5 for no particular reason. Otherwise they were fine and the office and staff in Alameda was nice.  I probably would have stayed but when they moved their Alameda office, they forgot to tell me so I showed up at their closed up office, oops.  At that point I looked around and...

I took the kids to Amy K Lee, who has an office in Alameda near Park Street.  She also has an office in Albany, which I've not been.  She and her staff are great with the kids and they see her each and every time.  A good friend also has recommended Denise Bass Allen in Oakland.  Her daughter has gone to her for several years.

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August 2008

Re: El Cerrito dentist
Okay, so she's not in El Cerrito, but we live in El cerrito and I highly recommend her. Her name is Dr. Amy Lee and she's on Solano. She's GREAT! I just had to get a filling on my very last tooth, it didn't hurt at all. I've had several issues with my teeth and she is really wonderful. A

August 2006

Re: Seriously dentist phobic
I was also a dental-phobic patient, until I went to Dr. Lee on Solano. The initial visit which was a regular check-up went so smoothly that I had more dental work done (two fillings and getting my wisdom tooth extracted). She is really kind and patient. And she explained every procedure. I am finally able to look forward to my next teeth cleaning without anxiety. Give her a try...510-524-3984 (1653 Solano Ave., Berkeley 94707)
No longer dental phobic