Pediatricians in Sutter East Bay network?

Hi, we are due with our first child in the next two months, so are the hunt for a pediatrician.  We currently use Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation for our OBGYN, so figured maybe it is best to stay within the network. Thus, I would love any recommendations.  Also, it looks like there are some threads about Berkeley Pediatrics, so curious if there is much of a difference between the two practices.

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We really like our doctor Karin Schiffman. She is in solo practice. Very evidence based advice. I've never had to wait to an appointment. You can call her at night and weekends with issues. 

I just had my first in June and we went with Dr Swearingen. She has been great at answering emails (or her team) and takes time to explain everything and answer all our (ok my) first time parent crazy questions. Since it is a big practice we have seen a couple other peds but we like her the best so far. 

We've been using Karin Schiffman for our almost 1-year-old daughter from the very beginning. She's very caring and takes the time to follow up by phone on more serious issues. Compared to Sutter, having a one-person practice is so rare and special these days. 

Hi Andrea and Steve, congrats on the new addition to your family! :) Berkeley Pediatrics is not affiliated with Sutter, but all the pediatricians at Berkeley Ped. have admitting privileges at Alta Bates hospital (which is likely where you will deliver?). My OBGYN is also at Sutter East Bay, and we went with Berkeley Pediatrics for pediatric care, for a few reasons: (1) the doctors could see our baby in the hospital and release him when appropriate; (2) we heard/read so many great things about this practice; (3) they are covered by our insurance; (4) their office (in the Gourmet Ghetto) is relatively close to where we live. Our son has been seeing Dr. Lisa Kalar, who is a fantastic pediatrician (but really, we've seen almost all their other docs and NPs on occasion over the last 4 years and they are all really good). In fact, I am expecting my second baby (late Aug. early Sept.) and we will continue to use Berkeley Pediatrics. The "transition" between Sutter and Berkeley Ped. was really seamless as far as I recall - anyway these are very different types of care (OB vs. pediatrics) and I am not sure it really matters to keep doctors in the same network (but hopefully you will hear from other parents who have this experience and can describe some advantages... I just cannot think of any, at least in our case). Since your baby will essentially become a "new patient" in any network, you essentially start from scratch anyway... perhaps pediatricians and OBGYNs within Sutter do talk to each other and intersect in some ways, but I would be surprised if that were the case. Bottom line is, I would go with a pediatrician you feel excited about, and comfortable with. You still have time to schedule interviews with a few of them, and pick a doctor you click with and who aligns with your general ideas about baby/child health and development (just a random example: if your family is vegan, it is a good idea to get a sense for how supportive a particular pediatrician will be of your dietary choices for your baby... this can be important down the road!). Good luck with finding your doctor - and don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions. 

I love Dr.Salsburg at Kiwi Pediatrics SO much. I love the whole group. They were originally recommended by my midwife and then the NICU docs when my son was born, as he had a heart condition at birth. Eight years later we are still there and I expect to stay until we leave the area. This is a practice that serves the community with doctors well-known and loved by the local hospitals. I had a parent in academic medicine so that is my lean BUT more than that I respect a practice that serves the community and takes medi-cal. Do you wait sometimes? Yes, but that is because these doctors will sit and listen and give you attention. Simply put, they are wonderful.