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    March 2003

    Hello! I'm looking for a recommendation for a pediatric dentist in the Bay Area who is understanding of breastfeeding. My son is 18 months old, has most of his teeth in, and may be showing some early signs of tooth decay. His two front teeth have very slight brown stains that I am hoping/praying are not the start of dental caries, but I am worried that they are and would like to get him checked. The problem is that I've been on the phone with several dental offices already trying to make an appointment, and upon being asked if he takes a bottle or is still nursing, I have received varying levels of negative responses to my answer that yes, I am still nursing him and we (my son nor I) do not have any intentions to stop anytime soon (btw, he does not take a bottle). One office actually told me that the dentist will not see my son unless I agree to wean him before any treatment is done. Does anyone have any recommendations to a dentist who will not take such a hard line with me regarding breastfeeding and be open to consider other possibilities as to why his teeth are stained or, in the worst case, decaying? I appreciate all responses, thank you!

    Recommendations received:

  • Denise Bass-Allen
  • Darya Ghafourpour
  • Michael Grisanti
  • Les Hata
  • Fred Pockrass
  • Paula Roemer
  • UCSF Pediatric Dentistry clinic