Thomas Arnold, DDS & Wendi Wilson, DDS


Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2011

Re: Anyone have a great dentist?
I love my dentist! Dr. Arnold at 2930 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Phone: 510-841-1128. Good luck! Kim

Nov 2008

Re: Need family dentist recommendation
I can recommend Dr Wendi Wilson. She has been our family dentist for about 6 years. Dr Wilson's office is geared towards adults, but my kids, who are now teens, have always felt comfortable there. Her office staff does a great job dealing with the insurance end of things and I've been very happy with the dental work. She's located near the Ashby BART. Wilma

Re: African-American Doctor and Dentist (Jan 2006)
I know that Drs. Arnold and Wilson already have one recommendation on the BPN website, but I thought I would add another. My 95-year-old mother's denture cracked for good last Thanksgiving. She is new in town, and finding a dentist on Thanksgiving weekend is NOT easy. Nevertheless, Dr. Arnold fit my mom in the following Tuesday, assessed the denture, drove her home himself, and escorted her into her building. When I brought her back to pick up the denture, Dr. Arnold made a point of coming into the waiting room, asking after our health, taking my mom's coat, etc. Since this was my first experience of Dr. Arnold, I've no idea whether he's a great dentist, but his reputation is good and he is a gentleman, even in my fastidious mother's estimation. The office is located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way in Berkeley, 1/2 block north of Ashby BART. 510/841-1128 and Melanie

Re: Severe fear of going to the dentist (Nov 2004)
I want to recommend Dr. Arnold at 2930 MLK Way in Berkeley (close to Ashby). I've been going to him for several years and find him to be very sensitive and reassuring (I'm afraid of needles and his assistant usually holds my hand when he's giving me the novacaine). He also seems to have a lot of experience working with kids and is known in several of the local schools as ''Dr. Happy Tooth.'' His office number is 841- 1128. Kim

Re: African-American Family Dentist (Feb. 2003)
We've been go to Drs. Arnold & Wilson on MLK near Ashby for 2 years now (on the recommendation of a friend who's been seeing Dr. Wilson for 10 years) and have been happy with them. Julie