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My family has the same Delta Dental HMO insurance and found Dr. Poyan at Alamo Smiles after a lot of research. It's also a chain dental group (aka Western Dental) however it doesn't feel that way. The office is new(er), the staff is great, and she's wonderful. My family (two boys, 7 and 12) has been seeing her for two years now and no complaints.

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April 2012

Re: Dentists who take Healthy Families Insurance
Hi, My kids have been using healthy families delta dental for about 3years now. I take them to Western Dental in downtown Berkeley. It has been a really good experience for the kids. I am allowed in the room with them, there customer service is good, and I am able to schedule both my kids at the same time. Sometimes the wait can be a little long to be seen, but other then that it has been a great experience. You should give them a call. Fellow HF member

Sept. 2004

My husband is considering getting some orthodontia work at Western Dental in downtown Berkeley. Does anyone have any experience with them? They are much cheaper than other orthodontists, but we're worried about the quality of their work. Considering braces

I wasn't happy with the way Western Dental booked appts. I was there with my young child for over 1 and 1/2 hours It seems that they book first come first serve even if you have an appt. Being that I work it was not a good idea. Have you tried Dr. Proul or Dr Brehnan in Albany. My brother has gone there for his own braces he has also taken his son. They have reasonable payment plans. Look around at the way the office handles the appt before you sign up. It doesn't seem to be cost effective to wait for the whole day to get your teeth worked on and you have to miss work. b3rk