Fred Haeberlein, DDS

San Francisco, CA
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Sept 2012

My 17 month old has a chipped tooth and may have cavities. His health has stabilized but he was born 3 months premature so I really don't want him to undergo general anesthesia, especially without a pediatric anesthesiologist present. We have Principal dental insurance. One option is Drs. Perea or Haeberlein in San Francisco. Thanks very much. In search of pediatric dentist...

We go to Dr. Haeberlein's office in the city & like him. It is kind of a pain to commute out there for the appts but I couldn't find anyone that took our insurance & had good reviews by us in Berkeley. Our son had cavities & they just did novocain & gas. Hope this helps! Heather Heather

August 2008

Re: Dentist for Healthy Families Insurance
My daughter has Healthy Families Delta Dental too. I looked everywhere, had an unpleasant experience with the only dentist I could find in Oakland/ Berkeley and finally found a great practice in San Francisco. Haeberlein, Fred DDS-Pediatric Dentistry - (415) 441-7766 1700 California St #200 San Francisco, CA 94109

All of the docs my daughter have seen there are sweet and wonderful. They sing to her while they work on her teeth! They have seen it all and have so much patience. They let me hold her hand and explain everything really well. The place is clean and nice, lots of toys and a TV in both the outer and inner waiting areas. Its not that bad of a drive if you go right after rush hour, I make my appointments for 11/11:30.( I live in North Berkeley) We often go to the Whole Foods across the street for a treat after her appointment. A Fan of Dr. Haeberlein

Sept 2007

Re: Dentist for Healthy Families Insurance
My daughter has Healthy Families too. Now I take her to the city to Dr Fred Haeberlien's office. we see Dr Parea (sp?) She is amazing. She sings to my daughter while she's working on her and stops to help her calm down if she gets scared. They're at 1700 California at Van Ness. A bit of a schlepp but worth it...and not that bad of a commute if you go after rush hour. Their number is 415-441-7766. Take Care Stacia