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My 7yo and I both go to the Lifelong Dental Clinic in Berkeley, and they accept MediCal. Quality can be hit or miss, but there are some good dentists who have passed through there during their careers. My son and I have both recently seen Dr. Ho, and he has a fantastic, calm demeanor. I would recommend trying to request him. My son has also seen Dr. Hussein, who is friendly and thorough. The dentist that my son had an awful time with no longer works at Lifelong, thank goodness.

Very few! Lifelong Dental in Berkeley is good. Childrens Hospital has a clinic but is hard to get into. Also is good.

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Feb. 2003

Re: African-American Family Dentist 
Lifelong Dental is located at 1860 Alcatraz (right on the border between Oakland & Berkeley) and has African-American dentists. The staff are all wonderful. I don't have the number of the clinic off-hand. A Lifelong employee