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Looking for an art tutor for teenage son

Sept 2015

My son is creating a portfolio for architecture colleges and needs to have several still life drawings. He could benefit from some guidance from a knowledgeable source. Can anyone suggest someone who would do some one-on-one work with him? Trying to be helpful mom

I would recommend Ilona Sturm. She has an MFA in fine arts, a Master's in Art Education, and has taught drawing -- including still lifes -- at many local schools (including, currently, Berkeley Adult School). She's also the parent of a Berkeley teenager. Berkeley parent

Deborah Harris

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April 2002

My daughter took art classes last summer with the most wonderful teacher, Deborah Harris. Deborah has a light- filled studio in West Berkeley, and she set up different still lifes (with input from her students) and had the kids depict them in paint, in paper cutouts, all different mediums. My daughter learned some new techniques and was so happy to go every week and work in the garret of a ''real artist.'' The last class was an ''opening'' with the kids' art displayed on the walls. Deborah is very easygoing and flexible; she's lovely. I'd email her and ask about classes. dharris AT -- Ann

Re: After-school Art class for 16-year-old (Feb 2002)
My daughter, then 14, took an excellent art class from Deborah Harris. The class taught some fundamentals of painting and drawing. The teens learned basic drawing concepts and color theory; they proceeded to paint a still life in oils or acrylics. I imagine Deborah would tailor the class as requested.

Deborah loves teens, has an MFA, wide teaching experience and puts together classes as she finds a group of interested students. She also takes individual students. Her studio is at Dwight and 8th and can be reached at 496-0605. Sandra