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Where can I take a take a calligraphy class?


I've been wanting to take a calligraphy class for a while now, but now that the semester's over and I have time, I have no idea where to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in Albany Village, and don't want to go too terribly far for a class, and can't do anything too expensive, being a grad student with a family. Thanks! Traci

Sara try studio one , in oakland -- part of oakland parks and recreation, and art studio with adult classes. I've been doing jewelery there for about two years, and its a great place. good painting studio. i know they sometimes offer brush calligraphy classes. VERY cheap (between 50-90 $ per class - a class is three hrs a week for 8 weeks) - a bit cheaper if you are an oakland resident. both day and evening schedules. next to temescal pool, behind oakland tech high school. also, for more north -- try Richmond arts center, also cheap (but not quite as cheap) -- similar situation for both classes and workshops. more limited times when studio is open. I've just moved to richmond, and have NOT taken classes there, but the studios are more modern than at studio one/oakland, and the classes are supposed to be excellent. Piedmont Adult School has some art classes, mainly designed for a senior population. Im not sure of cost/time or residenmcey requirements, but while i lived in Oakland, I always received Piedmond Adult School schedule. most of these places have just put out new schedules and are registering for classes NOW. -- see you at the studio!