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Calligrapher for wedding certificate

May 2007

I'm looking for a calligrapher for a quaker-style wedding certificate. The ceremony is in May so someone who can do magic, quickly.

Michele Papineau in Montclair did our wedding invitations about 9 years ago. She was great to work with, very fast (we had a tight turn-around too), and does beautiful lettering. Her website is
The beginning of the this year I looked high and low for a calligraher to address wedding announcement envelopes. Mostly there were very expensive local calligraphers, affordable but computer generated services, more reasonably priced but out of state calligraphers.....but then I found Margaret Davis Calligraphy & Design. 569-0437. margaret[at] She does the ART of calligraphy, yet does not charge luxury store front prices. She was professional, organized, timely (actually delivered earlier than contracted), pleasant, locally based, and did a beautiful job. I should add that I am generally hard to please, but I would definitly ask for her services again if I needed a calligraphy job done. anon
I would like to recommend Tracy Joe Calligraphy. Tracy is wonderful, and works with you to find exactly the style of calligraphy you have in mind. I was very pleased with the quality of her work, the speed at which it was completed, and her pricing. To see her samples, learn more about her, and contact her by email go to Her telephone is 510-339-8838. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.

Calligrapher for a poem

Jan 2005

I have a short poem I would like to have hand-printed, i.e. calligraphy, on good paper to be framed for someone as a gift. Any recommendations for someone who could do the writing/printing? Thanks Lisa

Check out Jane Brenner. She lives in Santa Rosa but spends time frequently in Berkeley. You can see some of her work on her website- in-progress: She spent lots of time with me when I was interviewing people for a design project I had several months ago. In the end, her artistic style didn't match mine but she was a pleasure to talk with and her stuff is really beautiful. Good luck!
Try Chris Lauer for all of your calligraphy needs. She's very artistic and a great calligrapher. chrislauer [at] Steve

Calligrapher for wedding vows

May 2004

I would like to have our wedding vows calligraphied with an artful border and mounted. I am thinking of something in the Art & Crafts or Art Nouveau styles. So I need someone who is both a calligrapher and an artist. Any recommendations? Thanks! Anon

What a wonderful way to honor your commitment! My friend Lee Gorton is a calligrapher/artist and created our wedding invitaions/save the date magnets, etc. Her number is 234- 2065. Although she is knoweledgeable in the art styles you want, I suggest bringing examples of things you like from these styles. Ruth
I'm a BPN member who's also a calligrapher/artist. Your project sounds like a nice diversion from addressing hundreds of envelopes for weddings! Please email me if you might be interested in discussing your project, and I also have a website with samples which I can direct you to. Thanks! Tracy tjoe[at]
I use Stacey Design for an annual calligraphy project that I do at work and she is great to work with. Her home studio is off highway 13. Stacey Design , 3266 Robinson Dr. , Oakland, CA 94602, 482-4470. Helena