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April 2016

RE: After-school program for Kaiser Elementary kindergartener

We too looked into both afterschool options. My daughter is at Kaiser in 1st grade. We do a combination of Studio One and Adventure time (on site aftercare at Kaiser) for a variety of reasons.

Studio One Pros/Cons

There is a small teacher/student ratio here and the kids take ''classes'' with a play break in between each day. My daughter has done weaving, paper mache, they have clay (really awesome projects!), painting, drama, singing. Lots of choices! the classes usally only have 6-7 kids each. They drive the kids from kaiser, so it also saves us a trip up there. Only cons are that there are ALOT of kids there total, so play time can get a little hectic.

My daughter is a first grader at Chabot. Last year, as a kindergartener, she attended the after-school program at Studio One for about two months in the middle of the school year.

Pros: Studio One is inexpensive, and they are very flexible if you have to make changes to your schedule or even cancel care on certain days. (And they don't charge you for any days you don't use. It was really wonderful for me, as a freelancer with an ever-changing schedule.) They also have a pretty wide range of activities, and if your child likes outdoor activity, it is definitely available there. The art/dance instructors seemed great, and the projects the kids worked on seemed really neat.

Cons: it is a really large program and can feel really chaotic. Quite often, I got the impression that my daughter seemed a little lost there. She regularly skipped eating a snack there, and I didn't get the sense that she really bonded with any of the counselors/instructors - maybe because there were so many of them? This was very unlike her. Once she even peed in her pants because she couldn't figure out if she was allowed to use the bathroom and couldn't even figure out whom to ask. !! This was also unprecedented - her only potty accident since age 2 - and she is not usually shy about asking a grown-up what the rules are, so I found that a little alarming. The long bus ride from Chabot was also a big downside - although this may be less of an issue if your child is coming from Kaiser. As of last year, the Chabot kids got picked up first, and my daughter spent a long time on the bus picking up kids at Kaiser (and other schools? I'm not sure what the exact route was.) It was incredibly unpleasant for her and gave her motion sickness. We wound up pulling her out of the program mostly because of how long the bus ride was (her sign-in time on the sign-in sheet was often an hour after her school day at Chabot ended, so a big chunk of her after school time was spent in transit - something I had not anticipated, given how close Chabot is to Studio One!) So... if you do decide to go with Studio One, make sure to find out about the bus route and how much time your child will be spending on the bus.

Best of luck with your decision! A Rockridge Mom

Feb 2015

RE: Affordable Summer Art Camps in Oakland

I am responding to two posts about Oakland summer art camps. Over the past couple years, my son has been enrolled both in Studio One and in the Oakland Fine Arts Summer School (OFASS), which is an OUSD/Studio One partnership. If you have a child in OUSD, OFASS is a fantastic, super-affordable summer option. My son was exposed to a variety of arts/activities - drumming, yoga, drawing, comic-book-making, etc In fact, I'm glad there were posts asking about this topic because our family will definitely look at enrolling again for this summer. We thought both the Studio One and the OUSD teachers did a great job and ran fun programs. I recommend both summer camps. Oakland mama

Any updates on Studio One Summer Camps?

Feb 2015

Any recent feedback from Studio One summer camps in Oakland? Considering it to fill in some summer schedule gaps but wanted to know about the facilities, programs, supervision, staff experience, etc. Thanks!
Summer scheduling already
Studio one is wonderful. My children attend the whole summer there. It is structured and fun with lots of organized outside games. It has really fostered a love of creativity and art in my kids. The teachers are actual real art teachers and they are fantastic. The camp counselors are young adults who are friendly, take the time to know each child, and are incredibly energetic and engaged. You won't see counselors standing around talking to each other at this camp. They are all super involved in playing with the kids. We love studio one. Meredith

Feb 2013

Re: Oakland All Day Summer Camp for under $300 week?
Summer camp was a big sticker shock for us, too, not to mention the transportation logistics. The city parks & rec departments are the way to go. In Oakland, our kids have really enjoyed Studio One summer camp, which has 9am-5pm days for -- brace yourself -- $150/week for city residents. Throw in a couple of weeks of that, and you can still afford some Monkey Business or another more expensive camp if you want, if your kid has friends are going there, etc.

Studio One Summer Art Camp for 6-year-old

March 2011

Hi all, I am looking at sending my 6 year old daughter to Studio One's Summer Art Camp for part of the summer. I was wondering if anyone out there has sent their child there and what your experience with it was. I didn't see anything in the Archives about this. Mostly I am concerned that the kids are well supervised and that the teachers/counselors actually pay attention to the kids rather than spending more time chatting with themselves. (My sister works in Parks and Rec in SoCal and I've heard some stories...) Also, I want to make sure that there is structure/discipline because I can see the potential for a bit of chaos. Claire

We did a week two years ago. It was fine -- not outstanding, not horrible. It was a little chaotic at dropoff. I wasn't there during the day so don't know how much the staff socialized with each other vs. focussing on the kids. I kind of felt like I got what I paid for (at that great price) but not particularly more. I felt like my just-finished-K daughter was perfectly safe there all day, and she liked it all right but didn't love it. I wouldn't want to sign my kid up for a whole summer, but for a week or few it's fine. reasonably satisfied customer

My daughter attended one week of Studio One summer camp last year, and we all loved it so much that we've had her in their after school program (they pick up from several Oakland schools) during the school year. The art activities with the artists are engaging, and the Oakland Parks and Rec staff are enthusiastic, positive and seem well-trained. They lead the kids in games when they're not doing ceramics or cooking or print-making, and thus no one seems to get bored or get into trouble. We'll definitely send our child there again! Happy with Studio One

June 2003

Re: Collage class for an adult
Try Studio One on 45th in Oakland (Temescal). It's such a cool place with great teachers. good luck

Re: Painting and Drawing class for an adult (Sept 1999)
I'd recommend Margaret Chavigny's class at Studio One in Oakland. I've sent many people to her class and they've all enjoyed it and gotten a lot out of it (one even ended up marrying her!). I'm an artist and get asked for recs fairly often. Also UC extension has some good classes though I'm not sure who to recommend. A muralist who teaches in the area is Juana Alicia but I'm not sure where she teaches. Perhaps you could reach her through the Museum of children's Art (510. 465-8770). Also Dan Fontes is a local muralist (he did the giraffes on the underpasses) and he may teach. He's probably listed in Oakland since his studio is there. Happy Painting! Leah

May 2000

Studio One in Oakland has an interesting variety of art classes - jewelmaking, photography, painting, etc. They are taught by good artists. Most classes are mixed aged groups with special discount for teens. They also have a few art classes that are specifically for teens. They are in the phone book and located around 42nd St., between Broadway and Telegraph. Lisa

Linda 11/99
art classes: Studio One on 45th St. between Broadway and Shafter in Oakland has wonderful variety of art classes for kids and adults. It's part of Oakland Rec, so prices are right (kids' afterschool classes are generally $15 for 8 weeks), and my kid has enjoyed these classes a lot. Staff are helpful and friendly. There is also an aftercare program. New schedule is out now. Classes fill quickly sometimes, so call soon. One caveat: building is unreinforced masonry and not earthquake safe.

Linda 9/99
Re parent-child pottery classes: Studio One in Oakland has a great parent-child pottery class on Sat. mornings. It tends to fill up, so check right away. The next session starts soon.

From: Franny (3/99)

one of the great secrets/bargains is Studio One, an art studio, in north Oakland. It's run by the city of Oakland, which means it is cheap. The art classes are excellent, taught by very talented artists. There are classes for both children and adults. The only drawback is that it is in an unreinforced masonry building, which they warn you about when you enter. The entrance is on 45th Street near Shafter.

Jan 1999

Studio One in Oakland has an after school program for kids from age 6. One of the classes is a martial arts class with instructor Bill Owens. He also has a private studio, but has been employed by Oakland Parks and Recreation for a number of years. The class is from 3:30-5, and includes a snack break. An 8 week session only costs $15 for Oakland residents and perhaps a few more dollars for non-residents. He has a performance at the end of the session on a Saturday for the students to show off their new talents. My daughter took the class a few times and really enjoyed learning the routines. Bill Owens is a patient teacher and works well with the kids, teaching them when it is appropriate to use the moves as well as when it is not. Leslie