Experience with Oakland Town Camp, Studio One camp?

Hello, I am considering new camps for summer for rising 1st grader. Does anyone have recent experience with: City of Oakland's Feather Hill camp at Montclair Rec, or Studio One Art camps?  Thank you, BPN! 

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Hi, our daughter has gone to both Studio One and Montclair Rec, since she was in K or first grade (she's now in 6th grade). We've done Montclair Rec a lot more because it is close to home. I have no complaints -- it is a very old fashioned cheap and cheerful summer camp. The kids sing songs, do sports, and roam the park. Once a week they go on a field trip (take the bus to a movie, go to Fisherman's Wharf, etc.). It is also very working parent friendly with drop off at 8 and pick up at 6 with no additional charges. The staff all look like a bunch of college students (and some are) but many are deceptively youthful looking and have been with Oakland Parks and Rec for years (we know them pretty well because she also went to the after school program at the park, and it is the same staff). Our daughter will be back this year, in a junior leadership position. 

I have less to say about Studio One because we've only been from time to time and haven't built community but we also like it there.