Great afterschool options in Oakland for the 22-23 school year?


My kids go to Manzanita SEED, but their afterschool program is full. Does anyone know of afterschool programs in Oakland that are operating this year that you would recommend? At this point, we might need to accept that there will be no programs that do pick up, so I would like to find something really enriching, and especially spending a lot of time outside. Any leads are greatly appreciated!


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It's not in Oakland but the Kids In Motion program at John Muir in Berkeley often gets kids from other schools and is a great free-range, super social, fun loving program. Both my kids and my sister as a kid really thrived there. 


Studio One and East Bay Dance Center come to my mind. We have done both and my kid liked them. I believe EBDC may be able to pick up -- do reach out to them and confirm. Studio One is not mostly outside but does have some outside time and has dance. EBDC does have outdoor time but dance class is inside in a space with windows and doors open and an air purifier running. Kids n Dance also has an after school program. My kid really likes the circus / aerial arts there.