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Anime Drawing Lessons for Pre-Teen Sep 10, 2017 (1 responses below)
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  • Anime Drawing Lessons for Pre-Teen

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    My 11 year old son really wants to learn how to draw anime - freehand and digitally. He's been learning on his own by watching Youtube videos, but I would like to find a class for him. At this point, he's not interested in drawing other things (nature, still-life, etc.), though I hope his interests in drawing anime will lead to other subject material and other types of art. I see in an older post that I might be able to find a tutor from CCA, but I'm hoping for a small class with other kids. If there are other parents with similarly-aged kids who would like to form a small anime drawing class and find a teacher, I would be open to that too. Thanks!

    Look into I thought I saw lessons starting up. Good luck.

  • anime style drawing

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    Hi - My preteen daughter has an artistic bent and is interested in learning anime style graphic drawing.  We are looking for a class or individual instruction in the Berkeley/Albany/Kensington/El Cerrito area.  She commutes to Oakland for school, so we may be able to manage an after school class in Oakland also.  Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    Hi! We contacted CCA college in Oakland to find an individual art tutor (asked for recommendations based on my daughters style). It's been great and they come to our house.