Wild Ones Art Camp

East Bay

Camp is held on a daily basis from 9am to 3 pm

in local East Bay parks.

Camp is recommended for active kids ages 6 to 11.

Parent Reviews

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RE: All-outdoor camps for 2022? ()

+1 on Wild Ones Art Camp. Pamela is wonderful, great setting exploring East Bay parks, art and hiking and enjoying nature. My son enjoyed it. They also offer school break camps too! (https://www.wildonesartcamp.com/) Pamela also creatively re-uses materials for projects, greener/smaller footprint, which I appreciate. 

Last summer we also tried Call of the Wild camp (https://www.inspirebehavior.com/east-bay-outdoor-camps-reading-camps-wri...

I've heard great things about Trackers but never could register in time (see other post re already mostly full). Not sure what the travel times are now in this COVID world, but had heard previously from friend's kiddo who did not like amount of time spent on the bus.