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Our program offers classes in the following areas: Band Classes • Music Video Film Production • Cartooning • Stop Film Animation • Analog Music Recording • Private lessons for drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, synths • Youth Events • Silk Screening

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Try ' 3 o'clock Rock ' with Billy Ribak - fantastic program that helped my son establish his band Flimflam (on spotify). Billy is a great guy as are his teachers especially Amaurey.

Billy Ribak at 3 O'Clock Rock is a gem!!  Our son started taking guitar lessons with Billy in the 6th grade.  He recently graduated high school, and Billy has been a "rock" solid teacher, mentor, and friend the whole way.  Most recently, he recorded an album of original music in his studio for Flim Flam, (consisting of our son and two friends), and arranged a tour for the band, where they played dates in Seattle, Portland, and Olympia.  Billy didn't just get them the gigs, but pushed them to learn how to market their band themselves - via the web/social media, and also by producing posters, buttons, & other promotional materials.  Check out the album at https://flimflamband.bandcamp.com/   Billy did a fantastic job of recording, editing and mixing!!  He used some double tracking techniques that the Beatles used - really cool.  He also used his contacts to help them get a live show on KALX radio.   Billy is one of the most generous spirits you will come across - always ready to encourage kids to believe in themselves and keep getting better.   He makes his living from 3 O'Clock Rock (plus all the gigs he plays with his various bands), but he goes way above and beyond for his students.  And he knows his music too. You can't go wrong here. 

We love 3 O’Clock Rock! My son has been taking electric guitar lessons from Billy for about a year now and loves it. Billy and his teachers provide a creative, open and supportive environment for the kids to learn to play music. After only a few lessons my son was playing songs (yes, whole songs!) and gets excited about learning new ones.  Aside from the lessons, playing in a band has been such a bonus!  This kid who was so nervous his first two or three times on stage, now looks forward to shows where he can play and see his friend’s bands play.  This school is more than a music school – it is a community!  

The Winter session is going amazing for my child. This program is simply amazing. My child has the opportunity to explore his talent for music which is something that he is really interested in. I'm positive that he is enjoying himself this session, thank so much 3 o'clock rock for this awesome experience.

One word “AMAZING”.   Our daughter, now 13, has been going to 3 O’CLOCK Rock for over 3 years.  It truly is a unique and fun program.   She started taking bass guitar lessons and now has a band that she plays in with other students at 3 O’CLOCK Rock. She wants to go to class and comes home enriched in music and culture.

I cannot speak more highly about Billy Ribak, founder and instructor.  You will not find a more dedicated knowledgeable, smart, inviting, and fun musician in Billy.  Most of all, he has patience.  You do not see him get frustrated with his students, rather, you see a kind individual who works with them, allowing them express their own unique individual personalities.  Billy has also put together a top-notch group of instructors, each bringing their own set of qualities to this program.

What is so wonderful about this program is not only did our daughter learn how to play the bass guitar, she is learning so much more.  It isn’t unusual to see the students reading the back of a record album and learning about the artist, history and fun facts.   They have monthly music concerts outside of the class (free) and as parents we get to see the fruits of all the kids hard work. (Last month was at Amoeba Records).  It doesn’t stop there, our daughter has screen printed her band logo on t-shirts, taken a music video class (offered during spring break) where she produced, edited and stared in her own video.

If your child has interest in music, this is the place to go! You will not regret and more importantly nor will your child