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My 15 yo daughter takes FREE “pre-college” classes at the get Academy of Art in SF and is signed up for their figure drawing class (with models) this Spring. They are held on Saturdays from 12-2 and have an exhibition at the end of the semester  

Info is on their website. Lmk if you need the link. 

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    March 2011

    I'd love to hear anyone's experience with the SF Academy of Art Pre-College program, particularly the film and acting classes. We're thinking about it for our 16 year old son. Also curious if you used the resident accommodations at all, and did they seem safe, well-supervised, a good experience? If you're willing to talk to me further, would you give your email or phone number? Thank you! filmmaker's mom

    My then 15 /16 year old took classes at the Academy of Art for two summers. She took figure drawing, sculpture, photography and still life painting. She thoroughly enjoyed the instruction, getting around the city on their shuttles and the big show at the end. A fine program. art momma

    I am not familiar with the Academy of Art Pre-College Program, but can highly recommend the acting classes through A.C.T.' Young Conservatory ...

    June 2009

    Has your high-school teen taken any of the Pre-College classes at the Academy of Art University in SF? I am considering those classes (such as drawing or painting) for the fall for my daughter and would like to hear of anyone's experiences. How is the quality of instruction? Are the students serious about art? Any and all info would be helpful. Thanks, Joan

    My daughter took classes there during their summer program several years ago. Some of the teachers were very good, others were not.You may want to see if any of the teachers are listed with RATE MY PROFESSOR.COM.There is also a RATE MY TEACHER.COM website for high school and junior high teachers that we have used. Ellen

    My daughter took 3 of the academy of art pre-college classes last summer. It was a very good experience for her. Though her fellow students were all in high school, the classes were college level. She learned a lot and did some interesting work, which was showed off at a large show at the end of the summer. It was also a good pre-college experience in that she had to learn to BART into the city, and get from one class to another via the college's busses. There was no hand-holding from the college; she felt very grown up. anne

    May 2009

    Re: Artsy camp for 15-year-old granddaughter
    If your grandaughter is interested in Art, the Academy of Art college offers a Pre-College program in the summer from mid June till the end of July. You can take up to four classes for around $500. My child enjoys the college like experience and it will look good on her college applications too. Art mom