Figure Drawing Class for a Teen

Does anyone know a good place near Berkeley for a 17 year old novice artists to take figure drawing? Doesn't need to be live models, just a focus on the human form.


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My 15 yo daughter takes FREE “pre-college” classes at the get Academy of Art in SF and is signed up for their figure drawing class (with models) this Spring. They are held on Saturdays from 12-2 and have an exhibition at the end of the semester  

Info is on their website. Lmk if you need the link. 

Chris Peterson is a local artist. He does figure drawing classes. You can google him for contact information. 

Berkeley City College has a good Arts program and is the most affordable option I’ve come access. 

Richmond Art Center also offers classes. Good luck!

Deborah Harris is excellent at teaching young adults the fundamentals of figure drawing. I and my daughter both have taken her classes. She teaches at the Sawtooth School in West Berkeley:

Check out California College of the Arts.  They have a Saturday morning figure drawing class for high school students, at their Oakland campus.  Here's their link:

CCA also has summer pre-college programs for high school students. It's intensive and expensive, but the students earn college credits - often also accepted as high school credits which can boost a GPA as college classes are double credit and given a full grade boost.  They probably also have some financial aid.

Also, my daughter took a Berkeley City College evening class "Beginning Figure Drawing and Anatomy."  You'll need permission from her high school for her to register concurrently (BCC has a Concurrent Enrollment form the high school has to complete.)  But make sure there is space in the class before you go through all of that.  The figure drawing classes fill up quickly because it is an inexpensive way to get access to live models. 

My daughter enjoyed both of these classes, and is now an illustration major at CCA.

Also check Meet-Up for figure drawing sessions. There are a number of them around.