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Have you heard of Cazadero Performing Arts Camp?  There are 2 sessions every August of one week each of Family Camp.  Here, campers (including little ones) are exposed to and participate in music and art activities along with great meals.  It's a wonderful experience that I got to have with my kids for over a decade while they were growing up.  It's also a very warm and loving community of folks.

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August 2008

Re: Family camp next year for 6 and 7 year olds?
We've had two amazing summers now at Camp Cazadero, near the Russian River past Guerneville. Cazadero is a children-only music camp for much of the summer, but for two weeks in August it transforms into a full-service family camp for all ages, humming with fun and creativity. It has an arts focus, but many non-artists and non-performers attend and enjoy it. You sleep in tent or tent cabins in a magnificent redwood grove. Campers can take up to four informal classes a day in music (jazz, taiko, piano, chamber music, harmony singing, guitar grooves, etc) or dance (salsa, African dance, yoga, tap, square dance, etc) or visual art (digital photography, stone sculpture, international fabrics, clay, etc) or other (clowning, circus, creekwalking, kids' swimming, environmental art, etc). But, you can spend all day doing free time if you want! Various families attend it as a reunion for far-flung siblings. There's an old-fashioned wacky talent show, campfire storytelling sessions, night-time dances and jam sessions. Kids have the run of the place and can explore endlessly, make art all day, play sports or ping pong... they love it. If you like a low-key vacation where you can explore and expand your horizons, this is the place. Session A seems to have a teen focus, while Session B seems more geared to younger kids. Happy Camper

August 2008

Re: Family camp next year for 6 and 7 year olds?
My family has been attending Cazadero Performing Arts Family camp for many years. It's great for families who are interested in music, art, clowning, and drama. The food is pretty good and the classes are wonderful. If your family is not particularly interested in sports, this is a great camp. My sons, ages 23 and 20, still want to come to camp with us! Susan B.